Providing the type of pressure cleaning services we’d love to experience ourselves – Remarkable and Impeccable!


Delivering the safest, most effective and time-efficient way to clean any exterior surface around your home, property and business.

Technology and innovation have replaced manual labour to deliver unprecedented scope that simply cannot be equalled by any external cleaning service.

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There is very little a professional pressure washer can’t clean on any exterior and
here are some examples, (more at the bottom of the page).

Our state-of-the-art hot water and steam pressure cleaner and highly trained operators
consistently provide an unmatched level of service and outcomes.


Both Washing and Cleaning in terms of this type of service are used loosely however there is a distinct difference between the two.


Is a cleaning method that uses lower water pressure (psi) and has a lower flow rate (ltrs per/min). It can be performed using either hot or cold water with, or without the use of chemicals.

This method of cleaning is used to describe cleaning tasks such as washing vehicles, boats, and caravans, glass balustrades and windows, roof cleaning, house soft washing, and solar panel cleaning where a gentler and less robust cleaning technique is required.

In simple terms, it describes a gentle cleaning technique under pressure.


Is a cleaning method that uses higher water pressure (psi) and a higher flow rate (ltrs per/min). It can be performed using either hot or cold water with, or without the use of chemicals.

This more robust method of cleaning is used to describe cleaning tasks such as concrete, pavers and tiled surface cleaning, concrete etching, driveway cleaning, earth moving and demolition machinery decontamination and cleaning, street cleaning, pool cleaning, sandstone and concrete retaining wall cleaning and more.

Effectively it describes a more robust cleaning technique under a higher pressure using more water volume.

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 They are High Pressure Cleaning, Soft Washing, and Hot Water & Steam Pressure Cleaning (Power Washing)

Despite there only being three types the scope of services they offer remains unmatched by any other cleaning service.

Despite there only being three types, the scope of services they offer remains unmatched by any other cleaning service.

An experienced, and competent operator is able use a pressure washer for cleaning a number of internal spaces in factories and large sporting facilities, and is ideal for cleaning toilets and shower block amenities, underground car parks, rubbish storage rooms, cellars, and loading docks in hotels, casinos, and in shopping centres.

Concrete Aggregate Driveway Hite Water Pressure Cleaning Central Coast

High Pressure Cleaning

May be performed between 1,000psi and 5,075psi using either cold water or hot water and steam.

This method of pressure cleaning should only be used to clean hard-wearing surfaces and performed by competently trained operators. It should never be used for cleaning timber, on painted surfaces (unless used for paint removal), glass, vinyl, or very cautiously used on natural stone such as limestone, sandstone or slate.

It’s a perfect option for cleaning pool surrounds, concrete driveway cleaning, concrete paver cleaning, carpark cleaning, roof cleaning (not all roof materials), and earth moving equipment. It is an invaluable tool used for Weed & Seed cleaning and certification.

House Soft Washing &
Building Exterior
Soft Washing

A low-pressure water stream operating at less than <500 psi is used for cleaning the exterior of homes and business. This technique can be used also for roof cleaning, washing solar panel systems, glass balustrades, caravans, motor bikes, quad bikes, and truck washing.  

Soft Washing is ideal for the treatment and removal of mould, mildew, algae, lichen, bird droppings, insect infestations and cobweb removal on homes and buildings. 

It is the only means of safely removing windblown dust and combustion pollutants from building surfaces. Is perfect for the removal of heavy deposits of biological contamination, pollutants, dirt and dust.

This gentle cleaning technique which uses low-pressure water can be assisted by the use of a soft bristle brush to agitate the detergents on the contaminated surfaces to assist in breaking them down in order to prepare the surface for rinsing. Often performed using 100% biodegradable detergents and surfactant soaps to help cut through and break them down. 

Soft Washing can be performed using either cold water or hot water. It’s ideal to use on fragile bricks surfaces such as heritage restoration, all types of cladding and mouldings, sheds, led light glass, any painted surface, fibre cement sheets, tiles, trims, eaves, soffits, fascia, timber, cladding, Colorbond, glass, stucco, render, and signage.

Commercial Building Exterior Soft Wash Before
Hot Water & Steam Pressure Cleaning Central Coast

Hot Water & Steam
Pressure Cleaning
(Power Washing)

The inclusion of hot water and steam into pressure cleaning has been a game changer. Considered amongst professionals as the absolute gold standard in pressure washing and pressure cleaning.

The inclusion of hot water and steam under pressure as the single most efficient means of cleaning cannot be underestimated. It’s proven to be incomparably more efficient and effective than its cold water counterpart and can be used in both soft washing and high pressure cleaning.

Not only does it provide better results, it provides longer lasting results.

The hot water and steam create an incredibly powerful high-speed reaction that is capable of dissolving dirt, oils, grease, and set-in stains effortlessly.

It’s particularly ideal in the treatment and removal of mould, mildew, algae, and bacteria. Great for the removal of bat and bird-dropping stains, cobwebs and insect infestation are no match for the power of hot water and steam pressure cleaning.

Hot water is non-polluting and safer for the environment, people and pets as often the use of chemicals is not required.

Services such as soft washing, high pressure cleaning, and hot water pressure cleaning are the most cost-effective options to remove all types of contamination both natural and manmade, stubborn set-in and difficult-to-remove contaminants that contribute to the accelerated deterioration of weathered surfaces.

Contaminants are unknowingly left unchecked for long periods of time. The exposure of these contaminants on the exterior of buildings, structures, and surfaces often leads to diminished structural integrity which in some cases results in costly repairs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars that could have otherwise been completely avoided.


Below we’ve listed some important aspects to consider when selecting a professional pressure cleaning service.

How does Cleanpass charge for the pressure cleaning services compared to their competitors?

Cleanpass Services Pressure Cleaning will always provide a fixed price quote. We don’t charge by the square meter nor by the hour. Our fixed pricing gives you a guarantee that no matter what happens, or how long the job takes the quoted price is all you’ll pay.

Be wary of hourly billing, it gives service providers an incentive to work less efficiently as they are paid for their time rather than the outcome. Also, be cautious of pressure cleaning companies who habitually promote low prices as they tend to provide an inferior service. It is a classic case of getting what you’ve paid for.

What is included in the Cleanpass fixed price?

Our fixed price includes the cost of fuel to operate both the pressure cleaner and boiler. It also includes the cost of chemicals (if required), the cost of time and labour, and travel to and from your premise. It also includes all the necessary materials and supplies required to complete the job.

Many pressure cleaning companies will charge extra for detergents or chemicals, for working overs (taking longer than expected), and for travel time to and from your premises.

Always be sure to clarify what is, and is not included in the price before making your final decision to avoid being charged more than what you were expecting.

Failure to do your research could cost you more than you know!

Ask as many questions of service provider in order to get as much assurance as you can to protect yourself and your property. If there is any sign of annoyance from them as a result it’s a sign to look elsewhere.

Always check for validation of certifications and qualifications, ask for proof of workers insurance and liability insurance also. Failure to do so may result in disastrous outcomes and financial losses to you the property owner. As the property owner you are responsible for the welfare of anyone who enters onto your property.

Ask to see before and after photos of work completed by them. If they’re proud of their work they should be more than happy to show you what they’ve done. Check their Google Reviews and Social Media Activity & Reviews also.

Ask if they have a website. A business owner who has an up-to-date website is a good indication of that owner investing in their business. Many overnight start-ups will only have a Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram accounts and no website. This usually indicates there is very little investment in their business.

Hopefully, after going through these steps outlined above you should get a feel as to whether or not they are the right fit for you.

What else is included in your pressure cleaning services?

This is really important, pressure cleaning is a messy business simply by its nature.

The plan is to clean-up the mess, not leave a great big mess behind!

Case in point, pressure cleaning is so effective at cleaning exterior surfaces and shifting organic and inorganic contaminates such as dirt, debris and heavy metal pollutants you have to wonder what happens to it all, right? Well, there are various ways to deal with the run-off from pressure cleaning. The single best and most effective way to deal with run-off is through the use of a vacuum recovery system which we use.

The use of bunting is also a very effective methods that’s often used to ensure run-off is contained, and the dirt and debris can be collected and safely disposed of. This prevents run off from collecting on lawns, in gardens beds, and from ending up in stormwater. Suffice to say leaving your property spotless safe and clean is the goal.

It’s important you clarify this aspect of the work otherwise you may be left dealing with the clean-up after the work is completed. Cleanpass has had many instances where we’ve been called to clean up a mess left behind by another pressure cleaner. It should never happen, but it does…



Professional pressure cleaners gain a lot of skill, knowledge and experience from work they perform over the years.

They’re able to easily and quickly access the safest and most effective approach to performing the pressure cleaning tasks required for the best outcomes.

We use professional equipment fit for purpose and have readily at their disposal appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to keep us safe whilst performing these tasks.

DIY pressure cleaning can result in inadvertently stripping paint from surfaces, breaking windows, excessive water ingress, electrical outages.

It may also result in permanent scarring of concrete surfaces, sandstone, limestone and rendered surfaces.

Most importantly, the risk of injury is high. They include eye injury from flying debris, cuts, bruising, and lacerations from contact with the skin and falls from heights for homeowners trying to clean their roofs and gutters up ladders.

A lack the knowledge, a lack of skill, and experience may result in costly damage and/or serious injury.

Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning Services

5 reasons why pressure washing & pressure cleaning are tasks best left to the professionals.

Pressure cleaning may seem like and easy task looking on from a distance. However, when things don’t go as planned, accidents can be shocking. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?


We provide services to all private residents, residential and commercial strata complexes, and mixed-use strata schemes. We are specialist service providers to commercial, civil and industrial, schools and institutions, local and state government and the petroleum industry. As well as to services stations, shopping centres, carpark complexes, transport and infrastructure, food and beverage processing.

Our office and warehouse are located on the Central Coast, midway between Sydney (35mins) and Newcastle (45mins). We service the entire Central Coast and surrounding areas, Sydney and the Newcastle Hunter Region.

We’ve have also completed work at Brisbane Airport, the BP Refinery Bulwar Island in Brisbane, Wallerawang Power Station (Lithgow, NSW), Orange (NSW) as well as many other locations.

We can be quickly and easily mobilised into any location across the entire NSW region.

Absolutely, obligation free quotes are provided to any customer regardless of your location.

No, we are able to adjust the pressure output and flow rate to suit any job no matter how delicate it is. If your grout is already badly cracked or already falling out, we have other cleaning methods we use to clean your tiles without compounding the problem.

Yes absolutely, grass and weeds are no match for our systems. Once removed the grass and weeds are collected and disposed of in greens waste.

No, despite travertine being as delicate as it is we will not damage your travertine pavers. For travertine we use soft washing methods with a blend of environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals.

Although the use of chemicals has the potential to damage both lawns and gardens, we’ve never had a single customer in 13 years complain or report any complaint of damage to lawns or gardens. We always pre-wet gardens beds and lawns, we always use 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals wherever possible. Where we use chlorinated products, we use neutralisers to washdown when we’re done to make sure your lawns and gardens remain unaffected by the use of chemicals.

No, not at all. Any precautions or preparation agreed upon prior to the works means you do not have to be required to be there at the time the cleaning is being done. Precautions may include, ensuring windows are closed tightly and towels placed on window ledges of old style sash windows, dog poop picked up before we arrive, outdoor furniture moved away from the area being cleaned etc.

No, not at all. All we require is access to the property and your garden tap connected either to town water, or rainwater tanks.

Yes. We’re also available for quoting on weekends as well.

No, absolutely never!

Each job is quoted and charged on an individual basis. We provide fixed price quotes to all our customers. That way you know no matter how long the job takes it won’t cost you a dime more than you were quoted.

The only time a fixed price may ever be inflated is where we’re asked to perform extra work not originally requested nor quoted.


Here are some questions we encourage you to ask of a pressure washer before hiring them. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the replies, they may not be the right fit for you. We don’t expect you’ll ask them all the questions listed so please feel free to use what you feel is relevant to you, and your circumstance at the time.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and ultimately end up with the best pressure washer for you.

Yes, absolutely.

In the even a worker or the machine operator is accidentally injured they will always be covered for any immediate medical expenses and ongoing medical expenses also, their rehabilitation, and any loss of income.

Companies who do not have Workers Compensation Insurance typically charge much less for their services.

The most important thing for you the owner to know is, if anyone were injured on your property you may liable for medical and loss of income. As the owner you are responsible for anyone injured on your property whether or not you are responsible for causing the injury.

Incredibly, I have NEVER been asked this question so I would have to imagine the same or similar for other pressure cleaning companies.

Yes, absolutely we guarantee all our work!

We provide a 100% Performance Guarantee and this guarantee is also a Company Policy available to view on our website publicly. The fact we’ve taken the time to list this Policy on our website shows we are serious about our commitment to our guarantee, unlike many of our competitors who simply offer a verbal guarantee.

A good question to ask a pressure cleaning company is whether they can show you before and after photos of work they have completed.

Beyond that, you should examine them thoroughly by either checking their Google Review and by viewing their Social Media Posts looking for comments and overall customer satisfaction.

Steer clear of any pressure cleaning company that isn’t willing to show photos of their previous work. If they’re proud of their past work they should be more than happy to share the proof with you.

Many pressure cleaning companies will tell you the magic is in the chemicals they use. That may be the case but knowing the types of chemicals they use is more important than you think. After finding out, do your own research on these chemicals so you can make an informed decision as to whether you’re happy to have these chemicals sprayed around your home or property.

All pressure cleaning companies use chlorinated chemicals from time to time. If it happens to be the case at your property be sure to ask them what mitigation processes (if any) are they taking to ensure your lawns and gardens remain unaffected?

Yes we do!

Cleanpass Services hold $20million Liability Insurance (best practice).

Surprisingly, in the past 13 years I have only ever been asked this question less than a dozen times.

To put this ‘Should Ask Question’ into context it’s important you know why you’re asking this question.

When water is heated to 70° Celsius it effectively doubles its cleaning power. It’s capacity to clean increases enormously every 30° Celsius above this.

Our state-of-the-art pressure cleaner operates at temperatures up to 155° Celsius. You may well ask, “how is this possible when water turns to steam at 100° Celsius”? Great question, this extreme temperature is made possible through an inbuilt diesel powered boiler system, under pressure in the boiler temperatures well above 100° Celsius are easily achievable.  

This system makes our hot water pressure cleaner incomparably more effective and efficient when compared to the cheaper and more commonly prevalent cold water pressure cleaner.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question no matter how odd it may seem. It may seem inconsequential however, it will tell you a lot about a pressure cleaning company.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question no matter how odd it may seem. It may seem inconsequential however, it will tell you a lot about a pressure cleaning company.

The affordability to buy so called ‘commercial’ pressure cleaners for around $1000 in recent years has led to an increasing number of overnight start-ups. At this cost their capacity is very limited. It will only ever be a cold water operated pressure cleaner without the ability to adjust output (psi) or flow rate (ltrs per/min). Nor is it capable of proportioning chemicals.

These cheap and inferior pressure washers are limited to the number of continuous hours they can operate before they have to be shut down, or fail. They are also limited to the number and types of accessories available to them resulting in limiting the service options available through them.

Cleanpass Services invested over $50,000 in our pressure cleaner which can operate as high as 5075 psi for extreme cleaning tasks and as low as 500 psi for soft washing. The ability to adjust the pressure and flow rate to suit any task provides an enormous advantage over our competitors. Our diesel power boiler can run as low as 30° Celsius and as high as 155° Celsius. Is fitted with a chemical proportioner for accurate chemical dosing, Emergency E-Stop, Fire Extinguishers, and much more.

There is no pressure washing or pressure cleaning task we’re not able to perform.  

Pressure cleaning isn’t an exact science so experience is crucial in determining the best pressure cleaner for you.

The best operators should be adaptable, flexible, forward thinking, and be able to think outside the square. These traits are invaluable and only found in the most experienced operators.

Operators need to know their capabilities, their equipment and the chemicals they use intimately.


There are literally hundreds of applications for the use of Pressure Washing, Residential Pressure Washing, Commercial & Strata Pressure Cleaning, Solar Panel, Glass & Window Cleaning, Brick Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Hot Water and Steam Pressure Cleaning, Certified Weed and Seed Cleaning services.

Below I have listed a summary under each of the titles to give you an indication of the enormous scope and flexibility available through our services. 

Click on the titles to expand.

  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning
  • Sandstone and Limestone
  • Mould, Mildew, Algae Removal
  • Pathways, Sidings and Footpaths
  • Concrete and Paved Driveways
  • Paint Stripping (not lead base)
  • Patios, Outdoor Furniture
  • Timber Decking Cleaning
  • Pools Surround Cleaning
  • Shade Sail Cleaning
  • Awnings and Eaves
  • Exterior Staircases
  • Exterior Staircases
  • House Washing
  • Fence Cleaning
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tennis Court
  • Conveyor Equipment
  • Beverage Processing
  • Canning Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Rubbish Room
  • Loading Docks
  • Beer Gardens
  • Processing
  • Breweries
  • Abattoirs
  • Wineries
  • Foundation/Piling Machines
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Trenching Equipment
  • Cement Mixing Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Rubbish Trucks
  • Cement Trucks
  • Construction
  • Scaffolding
  • Immigration Detention Centres
  • Heritage Building Restoration
  • Local Government Amenities
  • Municipal Parks & Gardens
  • Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Schools & University
  • Quarantine Stations
  • Corrections / Gaol
  • Zoological Parks
  • Municipal Roads
  • Factory Buildings Floors
  • Sidewalks & Footpaths
  • Car Parks (multi-level)
  •  Strata Complexes
  • Shopping Centres
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Office Buildings
  • Service Stations
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Shops
  • Food Courts
  • Tennis Courts (hard surface)
  • Playing Fields (synthetic)
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Amusement Parks
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Swimming Pools
  • Leisure Centres
  • Concert Arenas
  • Music Festivals
  • Airport Tarmac & Infrastructure
  • Aircraft Service & Maintenance
  • Boat Ramps, Wharfs & Bridges
  • Light Rail Carriages & Stations
  • Antifouling, Marinas & Ports
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Automobile Dealer Yards
  • Bus Stations & Depot
  • Railroad Freight Cars
  • Shipping Containers
  • Railway Stations
  • Nurseries & Greenhouse
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • Milking Equipment
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Poultry Farming
  • Stables & Stalls
  • Pens & Barns
  • Aquaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Crime Scene Assault (Public Area)
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-up (residentail & commercial)
  • Hoarding & Squalor Clean-up
  • Motorway Accident Clean-up
  • Motor Engine Cleaning
  • Mowing Equipment
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Grease Trap & Pit
  • Storage Bin
  • Solar Panel

Cleanpass Services provide an extensive range of pressure washing and pressure cleaning services across the entire Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.

Our operators are trained and are licensed, hold Working With Children Checks (WWWC)
and National Police Checks.

For more information on house soft washing today!