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High Pressure Cleaning is the most effective and time-efficient way to clean exterior hard surfaces around your home, property, or business available in both cold water and hot water options.

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High Pressure Cleaning can be used for a wide variety of applications, these are just a few examples.

High pressure cleaning is the most robust and effective method of removing excessive build-up of dirt, efflorescence, calcium carbonate, and stubborn set-in stains left behind by grease spills, transmission and brake fluid leaks that accumulate over the years.


This type of service uses an extremely powerful stream of water produced under extreme pressure.

It’s an extremely effective and robust means of removing set-in stains. Can quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, stubborn stains, and many other contaminants from a variety of hardwearing surfaces.

It’s an essential tool for the removal of efflorescence, calcium carbonate, and mineral salts. It can be used for stripping paint from hardwearing surfaces also.

It truly is the most time-efficient way to clean any hardwearing surface.

Environmentally, it’s also the safest compared with other cleaning options, particularly when using hot water and steam. The use of hot water and steam in many instances means the need to use chemicals is not usually required. 

High Pressure Cleaning can be performed using both cold and hot water and steam. 

Hot Water & Steam High Pressure Cleaning Central Coast


High pressure cleaning really does come into its own and is especially beneficial in large spaces such as strata schemes, car parks, loading docks, footpaths, large driveways, factories and public amenities where there are expansive high-traffic areas that require a robust clean.

High Pressure Cleaning Concrete Brick

High Pressure Cleaning

In most commercial pressure cleaners, the cleaning force is greater than 3,000 (PSI) and as high, even higher than 6,000 (psi). That said it’s essential to acknowledge that this method of cleaning is not suitable for all types of surfaces.

High pressure cleaning is a highly effective method of removing tough substances from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, bricks, tiles, tanks, steel structures and many others. Generally used for exterior cleaning, it is an efficient and accurate cleaning method.

Whether you own property or manage commercial or residential properties, Cleanpass Services’ highly skilled, motivated, and professional team will transform any space.

As a pre-sale makeover, for an end-of-lease clean, or for anyone looking to restore their curb appeal, high pressure cleaning is an ideal option.

Our service is EPA Regulation and Local Council Compliant. Our water-to-waste vacuum recovery systems, bunding, and silt filters ensure that run-off is kept away from storm water systems.


Simply, it’s the most efficient and effective method known for removing tough substances from a variety of hard surfaces quickly and easily. There have been decades of proven results that show it to be extremely effective and that there is no match for its capacity.

High-pressure cleaners are capable of performing highly demanding cleaning tasks which would be impossible to complete with water, cleaning agents, and by manually scrubbing.

It is perfect for shifting dirt and mud that has built up in a home, made pollutants, and lichen, moss, bat droppings, bird droppings, and it is also great for removing insect infestations.

The inclusion of hot water and steam is considered the industry gold standard and become a game changer!

Hot Water & Steam high pressure cleaning provides unparalleled scope and flexibility that cannot be matched by any other exterior cleaning service option.

Simply put, there is no safer, more robust, or more effective way to clean hard surfaces.

Stencil Concrete Pressure Cleaning
Hot Water & Steam Pressure Cleaning Central Coast

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning - "Power Washing"

The inclusion of Hot Water and Steam into pressure cleaning has been a game changer. Hot water and steam pressure cleaning are far more efficient and effective than its cold water counterpart.

Purpose built autonomous boiler systems have the capacity to reach temperatures as high as 155°C. Imagine for a moment the cleaning power that is able to be achieved using such temperatures under pressure.

Hot water high pressure cleaning heated above 70°C doubles the cleaning power over cold water. Its capacity to clean increases enormously every 30°C above this. The hot water and steam create an incredibly powerful high-speed reaction that is capable of dissolving dirt, oils, grease, and set-in stains effortlessly. 

As a result, the working pressure (psi), the overall cleaning time, and the amount of detergent required can be reduced, even eliminated completely in many instances.

It’s particularly ideal in the treatment and removal of mould, mildew, algae, and bacteria. Great for the removal of bat and bird-dropping stains, cobwebs and insect infestation are no match for the power of hot water and steam pressure cleaning.

Hot water high pressure cleaning is easily the most effective way to clean almost any exterior hard surface.

If you own property or manage residential or commercial properties, our team of highly skilled, motivated professionals will completely transform any property. Ideal for a pre-sale makeover, end-of-lease clean, or to simply restore your property to its original beauty.



How do you charge for your high pressure cleaning services?

Cleanpass Services always provides its customers with a fixed price quote, regardless of the size of the project, we do not charge by the hour.

Fixed pricing guarantees that no matter what happens, or how long the job takes, you will only ever pay the quoted price and not a penny more.

Be cautious of companies that only provide hourly billing rates. Hourly billing can give some service providers incentive to work less efficiently as they are paid for their time rather than the outcome.

Also, be careful of pressure cleaning companies who habitually promote low prices as they have a tendency to provide an inferior service. It is a classic case of getting what you’ve paid for.

Our fixed price guarantees you pay nothing more than the original quote.

What is included in the Cleanpass fixed price?

Our fixed price includes the cost of fuel to operate both the pressure washer and the hot water and steam boiler.

It includes the cost of time and labour, chemicals (if required), and travel to and from your premises.

If the use of high reach equipment (scissor lift or boom lift) is required this will also be included in your quote.

Depending on the type of work being performed and the level of detail requested there may be a number of other materials and supplies required to complete the job, they will also be included in your fixed price quote. 

Note, many pressure cleaning companies will charge extra for detergents, chemicals, materials and other supplies as well as charge extra for overs (overtime), and for travel time to and from your premises. Be sure to clarify before work starts all this is included in the quote.

It’s the fairest, and most transparent way to conduct business. 

EPA Regulation Compliance.

It is important to note that every drop of water flowing into the downpipe from your roof, gutters, and from your driveway and the streets enters the stormwater system. Untreated and unfiltered, it flows directly into local creeks and rivers through a network of underground pipes.

If any type of pressure washing service is being performed whether it is roof cleaning, house washing, driveway cleaning, or any other type of this kind of service, waste water must not enter stormwater drainage systems.

Failure to divert waste water away from stormwater can result in a $4,000.00 fine to individuals and an $8,000.00 fine for businesses. 

Any type of external cleaning performed at your home or business has the potential to pollute our waterways. This includes washing our cars, boats, and caravans in our driveways. 

Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established to protect our environment, many pressure cleaning practices are now illegal. 

As part of our commitment to solving some of the problems associated with property, facility, and asset management, Cleanpass Services has set an exceptional standard for water conservation and EPA compliance.

As part of roof cleaning, downpipes are disconnected and waste water is diverted to prevent it from entering the stormwater system. For surface cleaning all waste water is collected through a powerful vacuum recovery system and filtered before being disposed of in nearby gardens or sanitary sewer.

Why use Cleanpass for my High Pressure Cleaning?

We’re family owned and operated pressure cleaning specialist business dedicated to providing the highest quality services.  Cleanpass Services prides itself on the level of quality workmanship and customer service provided to its customers no matter how big or small.

Our team service all residential and commercial areas of the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter regions.

We’re passionate problem solvers, we are flexible and wholly dedicated to the best possible outcome first time around.

For over 13yrs we have been providing the most compliant high pressure cleaning services in the most effective and time-efficient way possible. So, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner this means as little disruption to your work or home life as possible.

The man operating the pressure washer is the business owner and the guy who pays the bills. We’ve never used any sub-contractor to perform the work for us.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that we have $20 million in liability insurance, workers insurance, and the necessary local council permits.

Most importantly, we actually love what we do!



The affordability of buying or renting high pressure cleaners in recent years has led to an increasing number of property owners attempting to DIY pressure clean their homes and around their property. This has unfortunately led to an increased number of injuries and falls from height.

We use professional equipment fit for purpose and have readily at their disposal appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to keep us safe whilst performing these tasks.

As a guide, skin can withstand 100 psi at most. Given that the lowest powered domestic pressure cleaner generates around 1,000 psi it’s easy to see how contact with the skin can cause serious harm. So, unless you take appropriate precautions and wear suitable PPE and RPE it’s probably best to leave high pressure cleaning to the pros.

Other common accidents that have occurred result from the unpreparedness from kickback from the pressure cleaning lance when up a ladder attempting trying to clean gutters, eaves, and roofs knocking the user off balance. Slips and falls when on roofs are more common than not, even for professionals.

Professional pressure cleaners employ heavy duty purpose built equipment giving you longer lasting result, safer.

Concrete Driveway Pressure Cleaning

5 reasons why pressure washing your home or
business are tasks best left to the professionals.

High Pressure Cleaning is classified as hazardous with a high risk of injury to the operator and others. Looking on, it may seem a simple task. Don’t let this fool you into thinking high pressure cleaning is easy despite the fact it looks that way. Accidental damage can be costly, accidental injury or falls from height are devastating.

High Pressure Cleaning is a task that should only every be performed by train, qualified and insured professionals.


Payment can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Credit Card (Mobile EFTPOS Terminal), or by cash. 

No, not at all.

Our machinery is completely autonomous and self-contained. The only thing we require is access to your garden tap connected to town water or a rainwater tank system.  

No, not at all.

So long as you ensure we have access to the property. Please also ensure any preparation agreed upon prior to the work commencing is done as agreed. This may include, picking up dog poop, moving or covering outdoor furniture etc.


While high pressure cleaning certainly has the capacity to damage tiles and grout, we are able to adjust the pressure output to suit any surface. If your grout is already falling apart, we can discuss options to ensure the cleaning process doesn’t further compound the problem.

Absolutely, grass and weeds are no match for our high pressure cleaning services. The grass and weeds are collected and disposed of in greens waste.

High pressure cleaning is not recommended for roof cleaning unless you intend on repainting your roof.

We are able to very effectively clean your roof using low to medium pressures in combination with the use of chemicals.  

Each job is different and charged accordingly.

We always provide fixed price quotes to all our customers both residential and commercial. This fixed price quote is your guarantee you only pay what you were quoted, no variances, and no excuses.

Yes, we always work weekends. No, the cost is the same whether the work is performed on a weekday or on the weekend.

Yes, our custom built trailer mounted pressure washer has an autonomous diesel power boiler with the capacity to heat the water under pressure up to 155ºC. 

Hot water high pressure cleaning heated to 70ºC has double the cleaning power over cold water.

We have never used a contractor! All work is only ever performed by Cleanpass Services.

No, we do not use high pressure for cleaning sandstone. Rather a soft wash technique with a blend of environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals.

No, for windows and glass balustrades we use soft washing techniques or traditional hand cleaning methods. 


Here are some questions we encourage you to ask your high pressure cleaner before hiring them. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the replies, they may not be the right fit for you. We don’t expect you’ll ask them all the questions listed so please feel free to use what you feel is relevant to you, and your circumstance at the time.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and ultimately end up with the best high pressure cleaner for you.

Yes, Cleanpass Services hold $20million Liability Insurance (best practice).

Incredibly I have only ever been asked this question less than a dozen times.

Yes, workers insurance is essential for not only workers but the property owners.

Important for the property owner because if anyone were injured on your property you may liable for medical and loss of income. As the property owner you are solely responsible for ensuring anyone working on your premises is fully insured for injury and loss of income.

Companies who do not have Workers Compensation Insurance typically charge much less for their services.

Stay away from any pressure cleaner who isn’t willing to show you before and after photos of their work. Any service provider who is proud of their work would be more than happy to share the images with you.

You and research them by either checking their Google Reviews and looking at their Social Media Posts. This will help you in making an informed decision as to whether they are a good fit for you and what you need done.

To put this ‘Should Ask Question’ into context it’s important you know why you’re asking this question.

When water is heated to 70°C it effectively doubles its cleaning power. It’s capacity to clean increases even more for every 30° Celsius above this.

High pressure cleaners that can perform hot water cleaning tasks offer numerous advantages. Hot water high pressure cleaning performs better result in longer lasting results, reduce the use of chemicals, provide improved hygiene and have markedly shorter drying times.

No, you do not need to be present and we do not need access to power whatsoever.

All we require is access to water supply through a standard garden tap connected to either town water or your tank water.

No, not at the dilution rate chemical are used.

Add to this almost all chemicals we used are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable so they won’t harm your lawns or gardens.

Where chlorinated chemicals may be required, we’ll pre-soak your lawn and wet down plants to ensure they remain unaffected. We also use high solid neutralisers which are placed into our water tank and sprayed onto your lawns and into your gardens post cleaning to neutralise the effects of the chlorinated chemicals.

There are a number of options.

Payment may be made in cash, by credit card using our mobile EFTPOS Terminal, or via bank transfer (EFT).

A question I’ve never been asked. All work performed by Cleanpass Services is covered under our 100% Performance Guarantee Policy and I unlimited for all work.

Yes, however not all roofing material is impervious to high pressure cleaning. The roof material will determine as to whether high pressure methods are use of other, either way we will have a solution and service suitable for any roof material.

No, absolutely not, this is a common misconception.

Whether it’s mould, mildew, algae or lichen high pressure cleaning alone will not be enough to kill or remove their spores which can grow back rapidly in not adequately treated before removal. Microscopic spores (including hyphae and root system) are deeply imbedded into the surface only to flourish rapidly again if untreated.

Only specifically engineered chemicals will kill the spores ensuring they are no longer active.

High pressure cleaning is the most robust way to clean or rejuvenate and hard wearing surface. Performed by professionals it’s safe, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient compared to other cleaning options.

High pressure cleaning is capable of completing very large areas in short periods of time due to its enormous cleaning capacity.  

Yes, we work most weekends and we’re more than happy for you to be present when we perform the work so long as you are at a safe distance.


All quotes are always provided on a company letterhead and are valid for 30 days from issue date.

All quotes and inspections are provided obligation free to all residential and commercial customers across the entire NSW region.

While high pressure cleaning does have the capacity it damage your driveway, we won’t.

We are able to easily adjust the pressure output and flow rate to suit any surface whether concrete, tile, or pavers.  


High pressure cleaning has the capacity to clean almost anything from any type of hard-wearing surface.

Cleanpass Services provide an extensive range of pressure washing and pressure cleaning services across the entire Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.

Our operators are trained and are licensed, hold Working With Children Checks (WWWC)
and National Police Checks.

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