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Hot Water Pressure Cleaning

The inclusion of heat and steam may seem inconsequential however, the effectiveness of its inclusion cannot be underestimated. Hot water and steam pressure cleaning provides a deep clean that passes well beyond the surface without the need to use chemical agents which cold water simply cannot.

Hot water and steam pressure cleaning is non-polluting and safe. It’s incomparably more efficient, effective, dependable, and provides the most effective outcomes.

Hot water and steam make better sense and has an enormous advantage with its inherent ability to cut through dirt, algae, moss, mould, pollutants, oil and stubborn set-in stains with ease.

The heat element creates an extremely powerful high-speed reaction which decreases surface tension of the water allowing it to dissolve, dirt, oil, grease, petroleum and other organic material at a molecular level far more effectively. Whereas the use of cold water alone solely relies on the mechanical force of pressurised water and the use of chemical agents and/or detergents in order to be effective.

Hot water and steam pressure cleaning is 40% more efficient than cold water alone and, in most cases does not require the use of chemicals.

Hot water and steam pressure cleaning may be used for High Pressure Cleaning and for Soft Washing alike. It is ideal for removing cob web infestation, avian and bat/flying fox droppings, removing mould and algae, cutting through heavy deposits of pollutants and dirt, grease removal on earthmoving equipment and is particularly effective when used with a rotary surface cleaner, see below video.

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