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Our soft washing services and the techniques we use are suitable for any type of external building surface regardless of type, age, finishes, fixtures, or fittings.

The use of low pressure water and soft bristle brushes are used to remove mould, algae, mildew, moss, lichen, bird droppings, and cobwebs from any surface of the exterior of your home or business including modern rendered or cladded homes through to historical, or heritage-listed buildings and facades.

We have the experience, and expertise needed to expertly complete any house soft wash or commercial building soft wash restoring it to its original beauty.


Cleanpass Services is an industry-leading expert in House Soft Washing Services on the Central Coast. We expertly clean and effectively remove non-systemic black and green mould, algae, mildew, dirt, grime, bird droppings, insect infestations, pollutants and saline salts from the exterior surface of your home or business.

Soft Washing is a gentle cleaning technique that uses a low-pressure water stream and, in some cases, a soft-bristled brushes to gently and safely clean the exterior of any surfaces of any building.

Soft Washing is safe to use on brick surfaces, all types of cladding and mouldings, painted surfaces, fibre cement sheets, tiles, trims, eaves, fascia, timber, aluminium cladding, vinyl, Colorbond, roof shingles, glass balustrades, render, signage and stone veneer.


Our operators are trained professionals and highly skilled with extensive experience in the treatment and removal of mould, mildew, and algae restoring your exterior surfaces to their original beauty.  

The two things we know to be true;
1 - The services we provide our customers are extremely important to them.
  • It may very well be for health reasons, it may be part of a routine maintenance plan, in many cases done to prime the surfaces in preparation for painting, or it may simply be for increased kerb appeal. Whatever your reasons, Cleanpass will always have a solution to ensure the best possible outcome.
2 - Customer expectations are high.
  • Our customers’ homes or businesses are the largest financial and emotional investment they will ever make in their lifetime. This is always front of mind in everything we do so we aim to not only meet their expectations but exceed them wherever possible.

Summary; With over 13yrs of professional experience there’s no reason for you to look any further. We’ve washed literally hundreds of property exteriors across the entire Central Coast, Sydney, and Newcastle Hunter Region.

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A soft wash will typically last between 1-3 years but can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as surrounding treescape, the position of your building in relation to the amount of natural sunlight exposure or lack thereof, annual rainfall, shade and moisture retention in the ground and foundation around the building, and exposure to wind and saline salts.

On arrival for our initial inspection, we always assess each window, door, vent and any other area which may potentially or inadvertently be a source of ingress and formulate a course of action to minimise the potential for any water to leak into your home. This may involve placing towels around the window sills and under doors, it may involve sealing them with tape also to ensure water does not trickle through. In any event we always take great care to ensure we minimise the potential for water to leak into your home.

We are able to easily and effectively clean the exterior of any building up to 3 stories high without the need for ladders or high reach equipment. However, if access above 3 stories is required our operators are licensed to operate Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s) and Boom Lifts up to 11mtrs. That said we’ve never not been able to complete and soft wash project due to any excessive height issues.

No, not at all at the dilution rate we use. All cleaning agents and detergents used are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Where sodium hypochlorite (commercial strength bleach) is used NeutraPods (a high solids bleach neutraliser) are placed into our water tank and sprayed over your plants and lawn post building rinse to neutralise the effects of the sodium hypochlorite and ensure your lawn and garden remains unharmed.

We provide a number of payment options. That said, payment is not required until the work is completely in full and to your expectations. Once done and completely satisfied, payment can be in cash, by credit card on our mobile EFTPOS Terminal, or via bank transfer (EFT). We provide the options, you choose the method of payment that best suits you.

Yes, Cleanpass Services does hold a ‘Water Use Exemption Permit’ as is required and issued through council.

Great question, every standard house soft wash includes cleaning the exterior of your gutters, downpipes, fascia, eaves, windows, insect screens, exterior walls, entrance alcoves and joinery. It does not include timber decking, roof, or any adjoining surface underfoot such as you concrete driveway or sidings, paved surfaces. That said, we always wash down surfaces underfoot adjoining the building exterior to remove any debris washed off the building. This means we always clean-up after ourselves.

Yes, absolutely. Paint manufacturers estimate the overall lifespan of you painted surfaces will be increased up to 25% if house soft washing is performed annually. It’s important to know that many, if not all paint manufacturers will not honour the warranty or their guarantee of the paint unless you have the surfaces cleaned regularly so it’s imperative to do so.

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Soft Washing is often performed with the use of professional-grade sodium hypochlorite (Bleach) as a cleaning solution which is typically mixed with water at a ratio of around 1:20 to safely and effectively neutralise mould, mildew, algae, bacteria, As well as many other microorganisms. Used correctly, sodium hypochlorite is extremely effective and a very safe way to remove potentially harmful and destructive organic contaminants.

Once the solution is applied, it is left to dwell for a short period of time before being agitated with a soft bristled brush where very heavy deposits of mould, mildew or algae may be present after which it is then washed away using a low pressure water stream.

Where heavy despots of dirt, debris or pollution are present a 100% bio-degradable environmentally friendly foaming detergent and/or surfactant agent (soap) may be applied to cut through these heavy deposits before they too are washed away using a low-pressure water stream.

A low-pressure water stream is applied to the surfaces at the last stage after treatment to wash away the treated contaminants safely without damaging the building’s exterior, gardens, or lawns.

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Five Advantages of Soft Washing

A clean and well-maintained property is not only an appealing sight, but it’s safer to live and work in. For business’ many people will judge the quality of your goods and services by the appearance of your business through first impressions.

Regular soft washing will remove damaging contaminates which greatly accelerate building materials deterioration. The long-time presence of mould, mildew, moss, algae, lichen, and winter grime can cause serious damage to your property if left unchecked for extended periods of time.

The return on investment is enormous and the market value of your cleaned home can increase dramatically.

Soft washing is a restorative process that provides property owners a tangible and very cost-effective makeover. A dirty exterior looks unwelcoming and unattractive and can have lasting impact on first impressions and perceived reduction in the value of your property.

If your home or business requires painting be absolutely certain to have the exterior soft washed in preparation for painting. Soft washing is the most effective means to prime your surfaces for repainting. It’s safe, quick and the most cost-effective way to prime your building exterior surfaces.

House soft washing is the most effective means to maintaining your assets such as exterior building material, solar panels, shade sails, timber and painted surfaces. Regular house soft washing will assist you in meeting the manufactures terms of warranty and guarantee by meeting your obligations of warranty.

Cleanpass Services provide an extensive range of pressure washing and pressure cleaning services across the entire Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.

Our operators are trained and are licensed, hold Working With Children Checks (WWWC)
and National Police Checks.

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