Providing the type of pressure cleaning services we’d love to experience ourselves – Remarkable and Impeccable!




Searching for a Pressure Cleaner near me? Cleanpass Services provides expert Pressure Washing, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning, House Soft Washing, Mould Removal, Roof & Solar Panel Cleaning, and Brick Cleaning Services across the entire Central Coast.



Is to provide our community, strata schemes, and commercial clients the kind of pressure washing, high pressure cleaning, hot water pressure cleaning, and house soft washing services we’d love to experience ourselves – remarkable and impeccable!


To provide nothing less than exceptional service outcomes. They’re not just a point of pride, but a promise we keep every day. Exceeding customer expectations is not just a motto, it’s our way of doing business.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled level of service has become the cornerstone of our success.

Concrete Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Searching for a pressure cleaner near me?

Cleanpass Services provides the most comprehensive range of the best pressure washing, high pressure cleaning, house soft washing, hot water pressure cleaning, solar panel cleaning, building exterior soft washing, brick cleaning, graffiti removal, weed and seed cleaning certification

Other specialist services include roof and gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning and sealing services, mould removal, mildew removal, algae removal, line marking, efflorescence removal and much more.

Services are available to all homeowners and all professional clients across the entire Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.


FACT – there’s no safer nor more cost-effective method to clean any exterior surface than by way of pressure washing, high pressure cleaning and exterior soft washing. No other service can match the power, flexibility or efficiency pressure washing and pressure cleaning delivers.

It offers unprecedented capacity and scope to homeowners, strata schemes, business owners and managers across every industry type.or

Searching for a Pressure Cleaner Near Me? Contact Cleanpass Services today on 0424 486 468

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Associations, Regulation Compliances, Permits, Certifications



Cleanpass Services is a family-owned and operated business located on the stunning Central Coast Peninsular only 35 minutes from Sydney.

We provide the best, safest, and most compliant pressure cleaning services across the entire Central Coast Region and surrounding areas, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.

Our services are the most effective and time-efficient ways to clean your home, property or business. Offering an unprecedented scope, and unmatched flexibility that simply cannot be equalled by any other external cleaning service option.

We hold $20 million Liability Insurance (best practice) and Workers Insurance. Additionally, we hold numerous industry-relevant licenses, and certifications, are EPA Regulation Compliant, and Council Regulation Compliant.  

The success of Cleanpass has been built on a business model based on relations and transparency, not on transactions. If experience has taught us one thing it’s that our customers have high expectations, and they should their homes and businesses are typically the largest financial and emotional investments they will make in a lifetime.

We also know that effective outcomes make an enormous difference to our client’s personal and professional lives so we’re continually striving to not only meet expectations but exceed them wherever possible.

Commercial Building Exterior Soft Washing Central Coast
Hot Water & Steam High Pressure Cleaning Central Coast

Whether you’re a homeowner, residential, retail, mixed-use commercial, or even industrial strata scheme we have the experience, expertise, and importantly the insurance to service your needs.

Our professional team can be quickly and easily mobilised to respond to our customer’s needs and deliver safe, clean, sustainable, and reliable service outcomes anywhere at any time.

We are always working towards improving our approach ensuring the highest of standards when it comes to effective services outcomes. This drives us to provide our customers with exceptional service outcomes rather than simply doing the same old, same old.

We’re adaptable and we’re forward-thinking. We employ a state-of-the-art hot water pressure washer and have tens of thousands of dollars of accessories and a vacuum recovery system making our service EPA Regulation Compliant.

We understand and accept its incumbent on us to ensure our customers feel comfortable from the outset and that outcomes are no less than exceptional. Consultation is key in the context of delivering on our customers’ expectations and so we take the time to listen.

My name is Anthony, and together with my wife Peta, we founded and operate Cleanpass Services Pressure Cleaning.

We’ve lived and worked in the community we love for over 13 years providing premium pressure washing and pressure cleaning services to all residential and commercial clients alike.

100% Performance Guarantee Policy - $20million Liability Insurance

Workers Insurance, Work Health and Safety, EPA Regulation Compliant, Council Regulation Compliant.

Council Water Use Exemption Permit No. BU0126

How You Can Check The Validity Of NSW Contractors And Licensed Tradesperson - with our compliments

This resource link provided by Service NSW and is a public registry you can use to check the legitimacy of any registered NSW Contractors and the current license status of registered Tradespersons in NSW.

When was the last time you had a Contractor or Tradesperson in your home, or at your business? How certain are you they were a legitimate operator? It takes less than a minute to check the credentials of Contractors and Licensed Trades and taking a minute of your time could save you a lot of heartache, and potentially thousands of dollars.  

Commercial Partners

70% of our turnover is generated by ‘word of mouth’ and repeat business through existing customer relationships.

It speaks volumes of the high-quality pressure washing, pressure cleaning and soft washing service outcomes we consistently deliver. It also speaks volumes of the confidence and overall customer satisfaction.

Are All Pressure Cleaners The Same?

No, absolutely not and nothing could be further from the truth! Check out our Google Reviews here – Cleanpass Services Reviews

I have had so many instances over the years where I have been asked to “make good” a job left behind by another pressure cleaner who failed their customer and the brief terribly. Most have been on the back of a case where a customer was quoted a price that would have been significantly less than our quote would have been and they chose to go with our competitor. Unfortunately, like many things, you get what you pay for and this is particularly true for the pressure cleaning industry.

Always request a ‘fixed price’ as your guarantee the cost can’t, and won’t be inflated, and be very wary of pressure cleaners who habitually promote low prices. While you get a cheaper costing job, you’ll also get cheap and inferior service outcomes. The low-price tactic is often used to lure the customer into accepting the quote. However, it exposes you to them inflating the final cost of the work sighting any number of excuses. If inflating the cost to you wasn’t bad enough, add to that an inferior service.

A trusted referral is the best way to find a competent pressure cleaner. If you do not already know a reliable local pressure cleaner, the next best thing you can do is conduct online research making sure to read all their reviews, view their Google My Business (GMB) Account, and search through their posts and images. Finding a great pressure cleaner who is honest, reliable, and appreciative can be a daunting task.  

ONLY EVER hire a pressure cleaner who can provide confirmation of Liability Insurance, Workers Insurance. The absence of Liability Insurance will typically mean they are not a registered company. Ask the pressure cleaner how long they’ve been pressure cleaning, and what it is they love about their work. This may seem like an odd question to ask but their response should give you a ‘gut feel’ as to whether they’re the right pressure cleaner for you.

We’ve been running our business for over 13 years and we’re confident we’ll be around for many more to come. Cleanpass Services is a family business that supports our local Central Coast community and we will continue to do so for many years to come.

We provide absolutely obligation free quotes to everyone whether residential or commercial, provide written quotes on our company letterhead and accept payment by cash, credit card through our mobile EFTPOS terminal and by bank transfer.

The Stigma Associated With Pressure Cleaners!

We all know of a dodgy contractor or service provider either exposed on television or through family or friends who’ve had a terrible experience? Perhaps you’ve had a terrible experience yourself?

Case in point, the number of pressure cleaning companies that have surfaced in recent years has grown enormously. It’s crucial you only ever let someone perform pressure cleaning onto your property that has both Liability Insurance and Workers Insurance.

Note: As the property owner you and you alone are solely responsible for allowing someone to enter your property and perform work. Any service provider without Liability or Workers Insurance who damages your property, is injured or killed on your property as the potential to result in either a massive repair bill or a lawsuit with you the property owner as the liable party.

See here – Fair Trade NSW – Public Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation Insurance

We’re confident once we’ve had the opportunity to meet our no-nonsense approach, professionalism and the confidence in our ability to deliver an unsurpassed level of service will shine through. We’re always happy to provide you with our Liability Insurance and Workers Insurance details on request.  

Pressure cleaning is a highly competitive industry and all services providers need to stay on top of their game. In order for us to set ourselves apart we very proactive in terms of staying up to date with industry developments and standards. Cleanpass Services is also an active member of AUSJET (Australian High Pressure Water Jetting Association)   

What we can guarantee is we are fully compliant across the board. We also guarantee you’ll get the best available pressure cleaning service outcomes and the best customer experience at competitive prices when comparing apples for apples. The level of detail is key and a significant factor when comparing apples for apples so be sure to check the detail!

At Cleanpass we pride ourselves on the exceptional high level of customer service we provide. This exceptional service, the best possible pressure cleaning services, competitive prices, and great value.


Earthmoving Machinery Weed & Seed Cleaning

Ask as many questions of them as you need to in order to feel comfortable and get as much assurance and clarification as you require in order to protect yourself and your assets.

Failure to do so could have disastrous outcomes and/or substantial financial consequences for you.

Don’t accept any quote for any work if the pressure cleaning company hasn’t visited your premises and inspected your premises. If the price quote is given off the back of a description only without a visit to a thoroughly inspection the premises more often than not you can expect to pay more.

There are too many unforeseen variables that can influence the cost of work such as problematic access issues, the number of staff or labourers required to complete the work, the use of specialist chemicals and more.

Let them know you need them to visit your premises before they propose a cost, if they refuse find someone who will taker the time to visit you.

If you have any doubts revert to Golden Rule 1 – If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is so do your research!

Always request a fixed price, if a pressure cleaner tells you they only charge by the hour, then it’s a sign they’re not willing to work with you and have little or no desire to meet your budget, only their target.

Remember, any business that provides a service to the community should be flexible and willing to work with you.

Never-Ever accept any quote from any pressure cleaner before checking they have Liability Insurance and Workers Insurance not matter how happy you are with the quote.

This is the single most important factor to remember. Uninsured service providers are almost always cheaper and that’s because they don’t have insurances to pay. The issue is if they damage your property or are injured, even worse killed through an accident you may be liable under NSW Law.

It’s your responsibility to ask the question and request proof of insurance in every circumstance.  

If you call a pressure cleaner to arrange a meeting for the purpose of inspecting the work for a quote and they happen to not turn up, don’t calling prior to the arranged time then they’re simply incapable of organising their schedule, or you’re not important enough to their business.

If this happens walk away and find someone who values the opportunity.

Don’t get sucked into slogans like; “Cost-effective Rates for All” or “Unbeatable Prices” or “Top Rated Pressure Washing” or “Pressure Cleaning From $199 – Any Surface Any Place Any Time” or “Roof Cleaning From $300”

Any pressure cleaning company worth their salt would never have to promote in this fashion. Look for a company with Google Business Account who posts regularly, that way you can see what they’re doing in their community from day to day.

Apartment Pool Deck Cleaning


We know the that work we perform for our customer is important, and we also know expectations are high.

Pressure Washing, High Pressure Cleaning, and Soft Washing services are so important in terms of maintaining your most valuable assets. More importantly in terms of protecting your health and safety by removing harmful biological contaminants and toxic manmade heavy pollutants.

Our expert cleaning services bring to your door the solution to managing these issues.  

What You Can Expect From Cleanpass Pressure Cleaning Services


The purchase of a home largest financial and emotional investment you will ever make in your lifetime, for business owners it’s no different. I’ve listed twelve of the most important reason why pressure washing, pressure cleaning, and soft washing is so important. Explaining in some detail why pressure washing and pressure cleaning are the most efficient, safest, and most cost-effective means to clean and maintain some of your most valuable assets.

Read over the titles and choose what feels most relevant to you at the time. If anything else catches your eye please take a moment to see what we have to say, it may well be what you’ve been looking for even if you did know it, until seeing it here.  

A clean, well-maintained property is an appealing sight and most importantly it’s safer to live in and work in.

Why Hiring A Professional Is Smarter – Professional pressure cleaners glean a lot of knowledge, skill and experience from past work. Their service is enhanced with the years of experience they accumulate. A professional will thoroughly examine the areas that require cleaning before the work is to commence, this information gathering is done to determine the safest and most effective approach to performing the pressure cleaning task ahead.

Avoid Costly Repairs – Routinely pressure cleaning your property will remove damaging contaminants that accelerate building material deterioration. In seriously neglected cases where left unchecked for long periods of time this exposure to contaminants often lead to diminished structural integrity. The deterioration of the buildings heavy load assemblies will result in repairs costs in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Restore Kerbside Appeal – A dirty exterior looks unwelcoming and unattractive. The lingering presences of ‘winter grime’ comprised of moulds, algae, moss, lichen, dirt and mud will not only discolour the building, but degraded the exterior. In particular cladding, bricks, render, building facias, eaves, roofs and gutter systems. These contaminants will have a negative impact on first impressions resulting in a ‘perceived’ reduction in value of the property. Kerbside appeal is vitally important for homeowners and business owners selling their property.

Restore A Healthy Environment – Routine pressure washing, pressure cleaning and soft washing is the most effective method of removing harmful mould, pollen, combustion emission matter (pollution), algae, moss and dust. Prolonged exposure to these elements can trigger allergies and in more serious cases it may lead to serious illness for many people with asthma, and for individuals who are immune compromised. These contaminants can even affect the health of pets, have you ever noticed your cat or dog scratching, or covered in pinkish coloured welts? This is often caused by moulds and fungi present around the exterior of you home.

Cleaner is Always Safer – The presence of algae and moss on a sloped driveway, on pathways and staircases will become very slippery and dangerous when wet and can result in bone breaking falls and in the best of cases, muscular injuries and sprains. In more serious cases, these falls can result in serious back and neck injuries, hip injuries and in extreme cases they can even result in death. These terrible falls resulting in injuries and in some cases deaths occur more often than we like to believe. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that in 2020, deaths among people aged 65 and over from falls in and around home numbered a staggering 4,092 people in a 12month period, costing health services $4.3 billion. However, not all these account for falls on slippery surfaces, but it’s not hard to imagine a large number of falls would be due to falls climbing up or down wet and slippery stairs, falls on slippery driveways and slippery pathways around the home.

Preserve The Value Of Your Property – Pressure Cleaning services deliver the safest, most effective and time-efficient way to clean any exterior surface of your most valuable assets. These services offer an unprecedented scope and unmatched flexibility that cannot be equalled by any other external cleaning service option. Able to remove harmful contaminants such as mould, mildew, algae, moss, lichen and heavy pollutants easily.

A Clean Businesses Is A Professional Business – The primary goal of our commercial pressure cleaning services department is to preserve and protect the health of your brand, your people, customers and your community. Many people will judge the quality of your goods and services by the appearance of a business through first impressions, so the importance of boosting the kerbside appeal cannot be underestimated. The exterior is the first impression a business will make when customers’ approach the premises. A business that’s clean and well-maintained will give a good first impression and demonstrates the business professionals running the operating take pride in its appearance, that they are confident, professional and prioritise the health and safety of their workers, their customers, and their community. This is particularly important for food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment and health. Cleanpass Services are committed to providing the highest quality pressure washing and pressure cleaning Central Coast.

Prime Exterior Surfaces For Painting – If your home or business requires repainting absolutely be sure to pressure wash or soft wash the exterior surface in preparation for painting. Pressure washing or soft washing the exterior of the building is the most efficient way to prime your surfaces for repainting, it’s safe, quick and easily the most cost-effective way to remove windblown dust, bird droppings, algae, mould and mildew from the surface of your buildings before repainting.

Maintain The Warranty Of Assets – Seldom considered is the fact that cladding on the exterior of your home and/or business, shade sails, solar panels, roof and gutters, synthetic turf and many other items when purchased are supplied with guarantees and warranties. It’s important to note that these warranties are voluntary under Australian Consumer Law and are additional to guarantees which must be given under Australian Consumer Law. This said, under both voluntary warranties and Australian Consumer Law guarantees, they are void in effect should you (the purchaser/owner of goods) not maintain your purchased items. Failure to clean and maintain such assets will void your guarantees and warranty term. Warranty is provided on the condition you the purchaser maintain these assets. They regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain the full term of warranty, as well as extended warranties given. Pressure washing and pressure cleaning services are the ideal means to maintain your warranty and guarantee obligations.

Saves You Time And Money – Your time is precious, so professional pressure cleaning is of significant benefit. The amount of time and effort saved through pressure cleaning compared to manually cleaning the exterior of your building, or using a deck brush to scrub your paths, driveway, stairs or sidings manually, is truly remarkable. Imagine the time it takes to wash the exterior of a building whether home or business using a soft bristle broom and a bucket of detergent? What might take you two full days to clean manually can be completed in as little as a few hours by a professional pressure cleaner freeing you up to do more productive things, like spend your weekends with family.

Promotes Cost Efficiency – As mentioned previously, the accumulation of organic contaminates, windblown dust and pollutants will lead to costly maintenance and repairs. This is especially important for roofing and solar panels which are often ‘out of sight – out of mind’. Roofing and solar panels are continually exposed to the harshest of elements 24hrs a day, 7 days of the week so it’s important to maintain them. A roof in premium condition will keep moisture and winds out of your internal spaces, roofing that is cracked or has leaks poorly maintained will not. A clean well maintain solar panel system will operate far more efficiently, and for much longer.

Prevent Allergen Build-up – Pressure washing is the best means used to remove pollens from your building along with pollution particulate matter, it’s safe and very effective.  

Airbourne pollen, mould spores, dust mites, and bird droppings cause allergic rhinitis (hay fever) affecting the health of 1 in 5 Australians which amounts to an 4.6million Australians (19.3% of the population) costing the Australian economy $7.8billion per/annum.

Pollen is dispersed by wind, water, a wide variety of insects including bees, butterflies and moths, by birds and bats, even by people who brush up against pollen.   

Pollen allergy can:

  • Cause sneezing
  • Cause irritable, itchy, watery and red eyes
  • Cause itchy and runny and causes nose blockages
  • Cause itchy ears, throat and roof of the mouth
  • Can enter the lungs and trigger asthma

Effective pressure washing will remove pollen from your building. Co-exposure to both pollen and pollution particulate matter will exacerbate the symptoms of hay fever. Exposure to particulate matter is also known to cause headaches, and even cause sleep disturbance.  

Ever wondered why you have hay fever symptoms, have you ever wondered why you get headaches or may have unsettled sleep? It could very well be a result of your exposure to both pollen and particulate matter.

The Most Frequently Asked Question - "How Much Does Your Pressure Cleaning Cost"?

Cleanpass Service do not charge an hourly rate, rather we provide our customers with an upfront fixed price. Beware of hourly billing as it gives many service providers the incentive to work less efficiently since they get paid for their time and not the outcome.

Does that mean Cleanpass pressure cleaning services are more expensive? The answer plain and simple is an emphatic no! We can say that with absolute confidence after comparing our prices against our competitors’ prices over many years of work.

Cleanpass has always charged on a job-by-job basis fixed pricing and we believe it to be the fairest and most transparent way to conduct business.

Every single pressure washing or pressure cleaning job is different. Some jobs don’t require the use of chemicals or detergents and others do. Some jobs don’t require a labourer, spotter, or traffic controller and others do.

It’s always important to be completely upfront with customers and provide absolute certainty before any work has begun. Our fixed pricing schedule guarantees there will be no unexpected charges nor any additional unexpected costs above the fixed price.

Hot Water & Steam Pressure Cleaning Central Coast

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Cleaner Central Coast


1. Professional pressure cleaners glean a lot of knowledge, skill, and experience from past work. Their service is enhanced with the years of experience they accumulate.

2. Professional pressure cleaners are experienced in the treatment and removal of non-systemic toxic biological spores such as black and green mould, and mildew. They also have access to commercial-grade chemicals specifically engineered for purpose.

3. Professional pressure cleaners provide an expert detail orientation approach. Cleanpass’ specialist expertise enables us to know precisely how to approach the cleaning of every inch of your home or business in the safest and most effective way. Pressure washing and pressure cleaning is a messy business, so a systematic approach is important.

4.  Professional pressure cleaners perform their work using purpose-built commercial-grade pressure washing equipment. They have a greater capacity to generate higher pressures making them far more effective and efficient than domestic pressure washers. They also have the capacity to lower the pressure output to suit any surface type, even fragile glass surfaces. Cleanpass Services offers hot water pressure washing and hot high water pressure cleaning for remarkably increased cleaning power, greater performance, and much longer-lasting results.

5.  Professional pressure cleaners will inspect and identify any fragility of the surfaces that need to be cleaned and develop a custom approach to ensure surfaces are not damaged when performing the tasks.

6. Professional pressure cleaners are able to foresee potential environmental impacts the pressure cleaning may have on gardens, lawns, and stormwater. Even without the use of chemicals and detergents excessive amounts of water-carrying contaminates cleaned from your surfaces do have the potential to waterlog and contaminate your lawns and gardens. The water discharge can also drive toxins and pollutants into the stormwater system. Cleanpass’ experienced pressure cleaners are equipped with water-to-waste vacuum capture and recovery systems and containment equipment including weighted bunding, sandbags/silt bags, stormwater filters, and seals. This equipment is used to divert wastewater safely so that it will not have any impact on the environment or contaminate stormwater systems (note: heavy fines apply for stormwater pollution).

The Four Elements



1. Pressure – is measured as the force of water spraying from the nozzle. It’s the force behind the water typically measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Using just enough pressure relative to the water flow. Using too high a pressure relative to water flow will result in not being able to get close enough to clean it without causing damage.

The most common misconception about pressure cleaning is that it is thought the higher the pressure used, the cleaner the surface will be and this is simply not true. For ideal outcomes, the higher water volumes or water flow combined with adequate pressure, sufficient heat, and appropriate use of detergents (where required) is best.

2. Water Volume – water, the “universal solvent” is measured in litres per minute (LPM) and commonly referred to within the industry as the flow rate. The higher the flow rate the higher the cleaning and rinsing power of a pressure cleaner. This ultimately means the faster the surfaces will be cleaned the greater level of cleanliness that will be achieved.

3. Chemistry – the use of chemicals and detergents. As is often the case, water, and pressure alone will not always be sufficient enough to break the surface tension bond between the surface material and contaminants. Stubborn organic growth and biological spores, bat and bird droppings, mineral salts, grease and oil stains, as well as harmful heavy pollutants will from time to time require some form of detergent to break them down. The use of detergents is particularly useful when contaminants have been exposed to the natural elements for long periods of time.

4. Heat – refers to the temperature of the water being used to perform the pressure washing and pressure cleaning task. Hot water decreases the amount of time spent cleaning. Hot water pressure washing and hot water pressure cleaning have an inherent ability to easily cut through dirt, algae, moss, mould, pollutants, oil, and stubborn stains with ease.

The heating element creates an extremely powerful highspeed reaction that decreases the surface tension of the water allowing it to dissolve, dirt, oil, grease, petroleum, and other organic material at a molecular level far more effectively.


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Credit Card Payment Processing Fees: 1.6% processing fee for each contactless payment, inserted chip card, or swipe magstripe card | 2.2% processing fee for Virtual payment taken over the phone.