Pressure Washing on the Central Coast and surrounding areas


Pressure Washing on the Central Coast and surrounding areas

Residential, Body Corporate, Strata, Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washing, High Pressure Cleaning, Soft Washing Services Central Coast.

Cleanpass Services understand the importance of how the services we provide make a difference to our customers personal and professional lives. We know the work we perform is so important in so many ways and we have established very effective work methods with one objective, to provide an unsurpassed level of best practice pressure washing, high pressure cleaning, soft washing services.


Cleanpass Services is a family-owned and run business.
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Exceptional and seamless customer service will be delivered.
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Consultation is extremely important in the context of delivering on expectations.
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$20,000,000.00 Liability Insurance, WHS compliant, Water Exemption Permits.
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There are four common elements that come together in order to provide effective pressure washing and pressure cleaning outcomes.

These are; Pressure, Water Volume, Heat, and Chemistry.

Water supplied to the pressure cleaner at a rate of between 45psi to 55psi from a garden tap or water tank passes through a series of pumps, professional pressure cleaning units are powered by a fuel driven engine (petrol or diesel). The water once passed through the series of pumps is expelled from the pressure cleaner at a rate of between 500psi to 5100psi.

The pressure at which the operator uses will determine whether a pressure wash or soft wash is being performed a lower psi, or high pressure cleaning is being performed at a higher psi.

Service providers who operate pressure cleaning units that has variable pressure control offer far more flexibility as they are able to control the flow rate to suit the surfaces being cleaned, often customer will require more than just one type of surface to be cleaned.

Pressure Washing or High Pressure Cleaning is incredibly versatile and is used in various applications requiring a robust cleaning solution.

These include but are not limited to; concrete driveways, garages, workshops, building exteriors, roof cleaning, timber decking, pavers, brick, retaining walls, exposed aggregate, liquid limestone, algae, mold and lichen removal, outdoor patios, loose paint and graffiti removal, footpaths, chewing gum removal, carparks, warehouse and factory cleaning, and earth moving equipment cleaning.


Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning is a non-polluting, safe option for cleaning. It’s more efficient, effective, dependable, and provides a far more robust pressure wash and high pressure clean than cold water.

The very nature of ‘hot’ water passed under pressure provides a deep clean that passes well beyond the surface that cold water simply cannot and it can do it without the need to use chemical agents and detergents.

Hot water under pressure makes better sense and is a huge advantage in pressure washing and high pressure cleaning cutting through oil, grease, organics and stubborn set-in stains effortlessly.

Efficiency Comparison: a hot water pressure cleaner operating at 8ltrs per minute at 1750psi can outperform a cold water pressure cleaner operating at 15ltrs per minute at 300psi making the hot water option more than 40% more efficient.

Cold water pressure washing and high pressure cleaning has its place, however, in a somewhat limited capacity when compared to its hot water counterpart.

Cleanpass Service offer both cold and hot water pressure washing, high pressure and soft wash cleaning options to suit any task.


Cold water pressure cleaners can be used effectively in a number of applications where a combination of high pressure water impact, and, where the use of chemical agents and detergents are used.

Cold water pressure cleaners are predominately best suited to applications such as cleaning vehicles and heavy earth moving equipment, dry-dock cleaning, marine fouling, and for tasks where oil, grease, or heavy staining either organic or other are not factors.

Cold water pressure washing and high pressure cleaning has its place, however, in a somewhat limited capacity when compared to its hot water counterpart.

Cleanpass Services offer cold water pressure washing, high pressure cleaning, and soft washing to suit any task.


Power Washing; is the use of ‘HOT WATER’ in pressure cleaning, the high pressure steam of very hot water (up to 150ºC) under extreme pressure is produced in purpose-built boiler mounted onto the pressure cleaner. The combination of steam and pressurised hot water is known as power washing.

Power washing can easily remove oil and grease from hard surfaces as well as organics and organic residue, salt reside, calcium and calcite residue, water stains, mildew, mold and is particularly effective in gum removal.

Soft Washing explained; soft washing does not use excessive pressure to clean or rinse. The process of soft washing is often used almost always use in conjunction with chemical agents and detergents in order to breakdown and remove dirt and saline salts, mold, algae, and several other living organisms with very little pressure. Soft washing is also effective in removing cobwebs and insect nest.

A pressure of 500psi or less should be used when soft washing using a nozzle angle of between 40º and 65º in order to reduce the point of pressure on the surface being cleaned.

Soft washing is used to wash building exteriors both residential and commercial, solar panels, air conditioning filters and condensers, eves, gables, canvas awnings, shade sails, Colourbond, timber weatherboard, modern architectural moulding, and facades, painted surfaces, render, facia boards, windows, screens, outdoor furniture, and vehicles.

There is no excessive forced exerted during the cleaning process, surfaces are washed thoroughly using very high volume of water and low pressure levels.


Residential, Body Corporate & Strata, Commercial and Industrial pressure washing, high pressure cleaning and decontamination cleaning services. Cleanpass is dedicated to providing the highest standard in pressure washing and high pressure cleaning services at fair, and affordable rates. We employ state-of-the-art technology operated by highly skilled and highly motivated people with a vested interest in the business, all cleaning work is 100% guaranteed in order to give our customers peace of mind well before any work has started and long after it has been completed.


Our water to waste recovery systems makes our pressure washing and high pressure cleaning services EPA Regulation Compliant. Efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance advantages through the use of our state-of-the-art hot water pressure washing and high pressure cleaning technology cannot be understated.

The enormously reduced need to have to use chemicals makes our pressure washing and high pressure cleaning services particularly ideal for use in local and federally inspected institutions such as; schools and universities, mining and infrastructure, harbour foreshore, parks and facilities (i.e. public pools) and importantly, makes it an ideal option for use around homes and businesses in close vicinity to both natural and manmade waterways and catchments, national parks and beaches.

Our Services Include

  • House Washing (soft wash)
  • Pre-sale Makeovers & Rental Cleaning
  • Window & Glass Balustrade Cleaning
  • Roof & Solar Panel Cleaning (chemical-free)
  • Driveway Pressure Cleaning
  • Patio, Decking, Brick, Paver & Tile Pressure Cleaning
  • Liquid Limestone Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning
  • Concrete Pressure Cleaning
  • Sandstone Cleaning
  • Exposed Aggregate & Pebblecrete Pressure Cleaning
  • Asphalt Pressure Cleaning
  • Commercial Building Exterior Washing (soft wash)
  • Enhanced Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning (hot water ‘power wash’ up to 5100psi)
  • Pergola Pressure Cleaning
  • Pool Deck & Pool Surround Pressure Cleaning
  • Commercial Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning
  • Industrial Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning
  • Factory ‘Washout’ Interior & Exterior Pressure Washing & High Pressure Cleaning
  • Factory Floor, Interior, Exterior & Roof Cleaning
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Washdown & Decontamination Cleaning
  • Body Corporate & Strata
  • Pressure Washing & High Pressure Cleaning Services
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Carpark Pressure Cleaning
  • Marine
  • Antifouling & Dry Dock Pressure Cleaning
  • Earthmoving Machinery Washdown and Decontamination
  • Truck, Caravan and Buss Washdown & Pressure Cleaning
  • Infrastructure Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning (bridges, tunnels, educational, health & transport infrastructure, telecommunication towers)
  • Sporting Surface Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning (tennis, basketball, hockey, etc)
  • Mobile Foaming Washdown & Decontamination Cleaning (public playgrounds infrastructure, stadiums, changerooms, etc)

FAQ’s and Important Questions to ask. Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning 101

Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning can be a lot more complicated than it seems requiring certain knowledge and skills.

The knowledge comes with appropriate and relevant training, and the skills are developed through experience over time.

If you are hiring a professional Pressure Cleaning Service Company, how do you know the job will be done right before engaging them? Short answer is you must ask the right questions.

This is the single most important questions that needs to be asked, because quite simply, no one can afford for an uninsured contractor to perform work at their home or business.

A service company should not only have standard general liability insurance, they should also have mobile plant equipment insurance and all workers must be fully insured to cover for any damages, injury or liability that may occur.

Cleanpass Services is fully insured with $20, 000, 000.00 (20 million dollars) General Liability Insurance, we have Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance, and staff are covered through WorkCover NSW.

Any pressure cleaning or pressure washing company whose answer to this question is anything but “Yes” isn’t worth your time.

This is perhaps the most overlooked question asked of pressure washing and pressure cleaning companies, but it’s very important nonetheless so certainly worth asking.

It’s best to opt for a company who offer a 100% Guarantee for a period of no less than three (3) months. This will allow you enough time to notice anything amiss.

Cleanpass Services absolutely 100% Guarantee our work, if there is any aspect of job that doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll happily attend to rectifying it until you are satisfied.

It’s a good idea to ask for references, but be wary as company selected references don’t always tell the whole truth. If you do happen to get references be sure to follow up on them.

Ask for photos, all pressure washing and pressure cleaning companies have before and after photos, all of them so don’t trust a pressure washing or pressure cleaning company that isn’t willing to provide photos of their work. If they’re proud of their work they should be more than happy to share the proof it with you.

Check their social media accounts to see what’s been posted by them, Instagram and Facebook are usually the most popular social media platforms used by high pressure washing and pressure cleaning companies.

Cleanpass Services is happy to provide any number of both residential and commercial references, we also encourage you to visit both our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Pressure washing, high pressure cleaning and soft washing is a cost-effective service that will have a huge impact on the appearance of your property and health.

The benefits are enormous and too many and varied to list especially given the different types of property’s and the varying types of environmental conditions each property has. The obvious advantage is the restoration of the original appeal and of course the enormously improved curb side appeal.

The removal of harmful contaminants such as combustion emission matter from motor vehicles and industry, smoke particulate from bushfires, windblown dust, pollen, and airborne spores will improve your health and safety as well as prevent deterioration and erosion of your outdoor surfaces dramatically.

Yes, mostly in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications where required.

For residential applications where chemicals are required, Cleanpass Services use biodegradable, eco-friend chemicals which are purposefully engineered to not leave any harmful chemical residue making them safe for your family, pets, gardens, and grasses.

We also employ water to waste recovery systems where we have the capacity to recover, recycle and re-use waste water used on projects eliminating any potential for any environmental concerns or environmental contamination.

We are acutely mindful of the impact pressure washing and high pressure cleaning has on the environment around us and are continually evolving and adapting our technology and services to provide you with an unsurpassed level of best practice pressure washing and high pressure cleaning.

Short answer, no!

However, there may be circumstances where a home or business requires preparation and indoor access may be required to seal watertight old windows and doors internally. If this is the case, we will identify this early on and preparations made in advance to suit your schedule.

Internal access is rare, having said that, on occasions internal sealing may be a preferred option.

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