Enhanced Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning & Decontamination

touchpoint cleaning
Group 2@1.5x

Ideal for...

Small and larger scale deep cleaning and decontamination of driveways and loading docks, building entrances and pathways, car parks, building exteriors, hotel, restaurant and pub outdoor courtyards and entrances, playgrounds and common communal areas like toilets, locker rooms and shower blocks, mining, infrastructure and shipping.

Enhanced hot water high pressure cleaning & decontamination explained.

Hot water high pressure cleaning is the faster and most efficient pressure cleaning option when compared to the traditional, and more commonly used cold water pressure cleaning methods. Hot water high pressure cleaning produces hot water and steam sanitation for a highly effective decontamination and deep clean that passes deep beyond the surface of the area being treated. Temperatures of up to 155º Celsius under extreme pressure saturate beyond the surface so it’s no surprise at all this method of cleaning is highly effective and more preferred for both deep cleaning and decontamination requirements.

Traditional cold water pressure cleaning systems are not capable of providing the same level of effectiveness, at least not without the use of chemical cleansers and detergents.

The hot water high pressure cleaning option by its very nature is an ideal alternative to cold water high pressure cleaning especially for hospitality and foodservice industries, pharmaceutical plants, schools and other educational institutions, or for local and federally inspected areas as it does not require the use of chemical cleansers and/or detergents.

Ideal also for hard surface residential exteriors structures and driveways, particularly for those in close vicinity to waterways, national
parks, beaches.

Hot water high pressure cleaning and decontamination provides a far more effective and efficient clean for even the most stubborn setin