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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has a negative impact on communities resulting in the perception that poor safety and increased crime are prevalent. This perception can be socially and economically devastating and adversely impact businesses, schools, public transport, parks and reserves, and communities.

Cleanpass Services has introduced a number of effective programs to ensure graffiti removal is performed safely, swiftly and comprehensively. These programs employ a number of cutting edge graffiti technologies and anti-graffiti management best practices.

The longer graffiti remains visible, the more attention it will receive from the offenders, and the more likely other competing offenders will be encouraged to outdo one another. When denied the recognition they seek, these graffiti vandals are likely to move on elsewhere and target less well-maintained locations in the belief their graffiti, and/or tags will remain untouched for longer periods.

It’s crucial to remove graffiti as soon as it is detected in order to discourage graffiti vandalism in the first instance.

Graffiti offenders are motivated by the desire to make an impact on the environment, so repairing the damage also plays a significant role in preventing repeat offenses. Poorly completed substandard repairs, where graffiti is still clearly visible, will actually attract more attacks within a short period of time. This is because offenders can clearly see the effects of their graffiti.

Graffiti removal in NSW is estimated to cost the public more than $100 million a year.

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Graffiti Removal, Remediation and Prevention services include;

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Experience and expertise coupled with the use of our powerful hot water pressure washers and having the ability to adjust our pressure washers as low as 1500psi employing the use of various nozzles and fittings allows our team to remove graffiti from delicate sandstone, brickwork and mortar, road signs and public signage, in parks and reserves, concrete, heritage listed buildings, windows and glass, painted surfaces and much more.

Micro Abrasion

Micro abrasion is the use of low-pressure cleaning which passes minute particles of garnet (referred to as media) with air, or air and water (task dependent) via a gun known as Micro Air Abrasion. A capture head collects the discharge which is vacuumed into a tank for removal and proper disposal.

Cleanpass Services uses an Italian engineered and manufactured machine specifically designed for low-pressure, eco-friendly surface cleaning and sensitive heritage asset conservation. Using our micro abrasion system fitted with a capture head is advantageous in locations where environmental concerns exist, such as stormwater drains, parks, beaches, and natural and manmade waterways.

Graffiti Patrols & Inspections

All members of the team conduct regular patrols on their daily routes. This ensures graffiti is identified and quickly managed along agreed routes and around managed assets.

Areas include locations and assets such as bridges and walkways, public bins, parks and gardens, bridges and retaining walls, skate parks and bike parks, playgrounds, wharves and boat ramps, street furniture, sculptures and public art, road signage and public signage, parks and reserves, footpaths, BBQ areas, car parks, public infrastructure, public toilets, sporting facilities and infrastructure, bus stops and more.

Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings

A graffiti-repelling coating is a surface treatment that prevents graffiti from adhering permanently to underlying surfaces making graffiti removal almost effortless when compared to surfaces NOT treated with Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings. As a result, most graffiti can be safely removed without damaging the substrate.

There are a number of surfaces that are particularly vulnerable to permanent and long-term damage from inks and spray cans because they are porous and light in colour such as cement blocks (Hebel), light brick, soft stone walls, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, unglazed terracotta, terrazzo, and cement to name but a few all of which would benefit from the application of Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings.

Many local councils are actively involved in the fight against graffiti vandalism and make available free graffiti removal kits. Some local councils even provide free removal services. That being said, the extent of the services these local councils offer, and the conditions under which these services may be provided vary from council to council.