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Solar panel and window cleaning

Fully-tailored solar panel cleaning, glass and window cleaning service is available using purified water leaving solar panels and glass completely spotless.

The use of purified water is highly recommended for solar panel cleaning as well as glass and window cleaning. This is water is treated with a Carbon Sediment Filter (removes minute particles and chlorine in tap water), and De-ionisation (removes impurities from tap water).

The accumulation of windblown dust and dirt, bird droppings, saline salts, minerals, pollutants will result in soiling and rapid energy loss between 10% and 40% per annum. The cost of solar panel cleaning is negligible when compared to the initial purchase and set-up cost of installing a solar panel system at your home or business.

In order to get the most out of your investment regular cleaning is strongly advised. The ultimate goal is to limit soiling and shading in order to maximise solar power output. To put it simply, the more sunlight that hits your clean solar panels, the more power it will generate.

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Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning frequency;

Solar panel cleaning should ideally be performed twice a year in order to ensure optimum performance.

In some cases where the solar panel systems are located within 500mtrs of the ocean, or for solar panel systems that are in close proximity to trees, cleaning of the solar panel systems should be performed more frequently. A logical time to clean your solar panels is at the start of Spring. Pollution levels are typically higher in winter due to the fact that cold air traps pollutants closer to the ground.

Importantly, solar panel systems are supplied and installed with a 5yr – 7yr warranty. Most people are unaware that this warranty is conditional and that contracts require regular cleaning and preventative maintenance. Most reliable installers will include a maintenance program in their contracts. However, cleaning is not part of their maintenance program and regular cleaning is required to fulfill the purchasers’ obligations written into the fine print of their contracts.

Manual cleaning option;

This is where good old-fashioned elbow grease is used. This is achieved through the use of a non-abrasive soap-less brush. A rolling brush (motorised) and purified water for a thorough rinsing will ensure no residue is left behind on completion that could attract dirt, dust and other pollutants.

Manual cleaning may also include the use of a soft washing system fitted with a 15° or 25° fan nozzle. This is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to clean large installations.

Cleaning agents wash option;

In some instances, cleaning agents are required due to the presence of very heavy deposits of saline salts and minerals, particularly in coastal areas. Specially engineered cleaning agents are a very effective way to clean solar panel systems where heavy deposits of pollutants or bushfire particulate matter are present. All downpipes will need to be disconnected and chemically tainted waste water MUST be diverted away from stormwater systems (heavy fines apply otherwise).