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Advantages of Hot Water vs Cold Water Pressure Washing

Hot Water Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning is non-polluting, safer, incomparably more efficient, robust, effective and dependable when compared to its lesser efficient cold-water counterpart. Setting aside its cleaning power, hot water pressure washing is incomparably more efficient and dependable, it is non-polluting, safer and reduces overall worktime and reduces overall water usage.

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Hot Water Pressure Washing

The inclusion of hot water may seem inconsequential, but the effectiveness of its inclusion cannot be underestimated. The four common elements of hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning are Heat, Water Volume, Pressure and Chemistry. Combined they are the ‘perfect storm’ resulting in the most powerful and effective service available.

Hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning performed at temperatures up to 150°C will effortlessly cut through organic contaminants such as mould, algae, lichen, moss, insect infestations, avian droppings, and pollutants (natural and manmade). It is ideal for us when removing stubborn set-in stains and where require to breakdown and dissolve petroleum products such as oils and grease.

The addition of heat creates an extremely powerful high-speed reaction decreasing the surface tension of the water allowing it to dissolve oil, grease and petroleum products, and killing organic material (germs and bacteria) at a molecular level far more effectively. When cleaning agents or detergents are used in tandem with hot water, these cleaning agents become more active throughout the cleaning process resulting in overall decreased worktime and more importantly, reducing the total amount of water needed to complete the cleaning task.

The use of hot water pressure cleaners is the more popular option for residential and commercial strata complexes, commercial and industrial complexes, weed and seed cleaning, and where heavy pollutants and organic material are present for residential clients due to their efficiency. Hot water pressure should be the only option where chemicals should not be present, homes where there are pets and children, property near natural or man-made waterways, where cleaning is required where run-off may enter stormwater drains, and properties in close vicinity to beaches and national parks. In these instances, cold water and the use of chemical is never the preferred option.

Hot water pressure washing does not require the use of chemicals or detergents 95% of the time making it an environmentally friendly cleaning option making it a clear winner for many people. Cold water pressure washing does require the use of chemical cleaning agents and detergents 80% of the time making it a less desirable option.

Note: Hot water high pressure cleaners should only every be operated by train and qualified professionals. There is a high risk of serious injury or death due to the combined extreme pressures and extreme high heat with temperatures reaching up to 150°C and should never be operated by untrained or non-qualified personnel.

Cold Water Pressure Washing

The use of cold water solely relies on the mechanical pressure force of pressurized water, and almost always requires the use of chemical cleaning agents and detergents in order to be effective. Whereas the use of hot water only requires the use of cleaning agents and detergents in very few instances.

Cold water pressure washing has its place and is best for shifting large amounts of dirt where hot water is not required, great for cleaning Colorbond fencing and outdoor glass balustrades or pool.

Cleanpass services offer both cold water and hot water & steam pressure washing and pressure cleaning services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients across the entire NSW region.

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