Decontamination Cleaning Services

touchpoint cleaning

Ideal for...

Detailed quick response detailed touchpoint and whole room disinfecting where for homes, schools (incl, preschool through to university and further Education), commercial office spaces, dining rooms and storerooms, public and private transport, retails spaces, hotel rooms, staff rooms and canteens, aged care and health care facilities, medical services consultation rooms, gymnasiums and more.

Electrostatic spraying explained

Electrostatic sprayers work on the same principal as do ULV foggers with the added feature of providing a positive ion charge into molecules of disinfectants and sanitisers as they exit through the sprayer nozzle into the environment.

These droplets, while they repel one another actively seek out and envelope all touch-points and grounded room surfaces and the contents within a room. The atomised droplets even completely wrap rounded surfaces like poles and handrails. This results in an evenly coated surface and results in very little overspray or wastage.

Electrostatic spraying is well established and has traditionally been used in the automotive and agriculture industries for over half a century.

Ideal for...

Quick response touchpoint and whole room disinfecting requiring a deep level of protection and infection control using broad-spectrum disinfectants, the use of a ULV Cold Mister and Fogger typically resulting in lengthier dwell times and providing greater and more effective surface saturation. Ideal for touchpoint and whole room disinfecting and sanitisation.

Electronic ULV cold misting and fogging explained.

Ultra-low-volume (ULV) cold misting or fogging machines produce an enormous amount of air flow at low pressure to transform liquids, such as disinfectant and sanitisers into a fine aerosol (mist or fog) with a particle size of between 5 to 50 microns.

The combination of high airflow and low pressure, and nozzle design result in very effective saturation of disinfectant in large spaces and in a very short time making ULV fogging very cost effective. ULV misting and fogging machines have long been used in a number of different industries such as pest control, mosquito control, agriculture applications and more recently, for health care, laboratory disinfecting and sanitation, mould control and surface decontamination in a wide range of industries.