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The Best Method For Cleaning Bricks

Bricks are durable, energy efficient, structurally sound, fire resistant, and they offer excellent noise control qualities.

It’s no wonder that almost two-thirds of the population (64%) live in a brick home, according to a 2017 study by Think Brick Australia.

The only real challenge is brick cleaning. Due to the porous nature of bricks and their textured surfaces, organic materials such as mould, algae and moss can build up over time. While these materials can be unsightly and greatly diminish the kerb appeal of your home, they can also spread into the building itself.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain your bricks with regular cleaning. Not only that, but to use professional brick cleaners to do the task.

Read on to learn more about brick cleaning, different methods for cleaning, benefits, and why experienced professionals are the best people for the job.

The Difference Between Brick Cleaning and Brick Washing

Brick washing and brick cleaning are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference.

Brick washing is a term you’ll hear in the construction industry. It refers to the final step in brickwork and pointing work, in which the bricklayer removes any excess mortar.

On the other hand, brick cleaning involves removing grime, mould, and moss from brickwork. Importantly, there are different cleaning methods for different types of bricks, and that makes all the difference when it comes to doing the job well.

Common Methods Used For Cleaning Bricks

If you’re unsure how to clean bricks, it is entirely possible to simply give them a good hand scrub with either a dry brush, or a stiff-fibre brush and water. However, most professional brick cleaners on the Central Coast will use either high pressure cleaning, soft washing, or an acid solution.

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning can be used effectively for cleaning bricks, but it is not recommended to do it yourself.

There is an art to using a high pressure cleaner on brick surfaces in a way that will not damage the brick or mortar itself, or push mould spores further into the porous material. Our high pressure cleaning experts can assess the condition of the bricks and adjust the water pressure appropriately.

Additionally, standard pressure cleaning with just water is not sufficient to properly clean brick surfaces. That’s because pressure cleaning alone doesn’t kill off the spores in the organic material. Instead, water alone simply moves mould, moss, and algae elsewhere, where it can continue to grow.

Cleanpass Services uses a GECA Certified and 100% biodegradable chemical solution in our pressure washing to ensure organic materials on your bricks are not just relocated, but killed off completely so they cannot regrow. This solution has been specially designed for our industry to find the balance between fatal for unwanted materials and safe for your garden and the surrounding environment.

Soft Washing

Soft washing can be an excellent option for brickwork, especially certain types of brick that might not withstand the high pressures of power washing.

This method uses a much lower pressure to remove dirt and grime from your bricks. Much like high pressure washing, it can also incorporate a biodegradable, eco-friendly chemical solution to neutralise organic materials.

Our professional cleaners will use soft washing for some brick types, such as those with a sand finish, to ensure a great clean without damaging the surface.

Acid Solution Cleaning

It is possible to clean bricks with an acid solution, which can be highly effective for killing unwanted mould, moss, and algae.

However, acid is not a safe option for many brick types.

For example, acid solutions can be extremely damaging for glazed brickwork so should never be used in this scenario. Similarly, acid cleaning should never be used on bricks manufactured in Queensland or Western Australia, as the large amounts of iron oxide in their raw materials make them more susceptible to acid burn.

The Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Bricks

Naturally, pressure cleaning bricks is an incredibly efficient method. The high pressure and chemical solution work together quickly to remove and neutralise organic matter from bricks, saving you from having to slowly hand-scrub the entire surface.

Additionally, high pressure cleaning is extremely effective. The water pressure helps to get into all the tiny crevices inside the porous nature of the brick, so it does an excellent job of cleaning out all of the dirt and grime.

Finally, pressure cleaning bricks with a specialised chemical solution actually kills off organic material growing in the spores, so it’s also very long-lasting. Without the solution, mould and moss can quickly start to regrow in your brickwork. Yet with our pressure washing, it will take much longer for organic materials to return to your bricks from outside sources.

Pressure Cleaning Before and After

School Building Brick Cleaning Before
School Building Brick Cleaning After

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Pressure Cleaning Bricks

Effective brick cleaning is essential to remove unsightly mould and moss from your home,
and to stop these organic materials from spreading indoors.

Professional pressure cleaning is an excellent way to effectively clean bricks and have your property looking good as new.

Importantly, a professional won’t just remove organic matter from your brick work. They will do so in a way that doesn’t damage the bricks, which can be easy to do if you’re unfamiliar with the type of brick or the best methods for cleaning them.

A professional high pressure washing company such as Cleanpass Services will also ensure you don’t have to waste your entire weekend hand scrubbing your home!

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