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Our pressure washing and high pressure cleaning service reputation is built on integrity, reliability, accountability, and service excellence. We continually strive to deliver effective solutions for everyday real-world problems.

$20 million Liability Insurance - Workers' Insurance - WHS Compliance - Performance Guarantee Policy

$20 Million Liability Insurance

Through our $20 million in Liability Insurance coverage (best practice), we offer our clients and the communities where we operate assurance of protection, and peace and peace of mind well before any work has begun, and long after its completion.


In case of accidental injury to a worker or machine operator, our comprehensive coverage includes immediate and ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation, and compensation for lost income to that worker.

It is crucial to ensure that any contractors entering your property are fully covered by valid Workers Insurance. If a contractor is injured working on your property, you may be held liable for medical expenses and loss of income.

As the property owner, you bear responsibility for any injuries sustained on your property, regardless of fault. Therefore, it is imperative that your contractors can provide verification of valid Workers Insurance. This ensures both parties are protected in the event of an incident and ensures peace of mind in managing potential risks.


Our workplace health and safety management system encompass a set of policies, procedures, and plans designed to systematically oversee health and safety of everyone in and around the workplace.

Ensuring workplace safety is paramount for all, highlighting the critical need for employers to engage in consultation, collaboration, and cooperation when formulating Work Health and Safety policies. These efforts are essential for achieving optimal outcomes and fostering a safe environment for all individuals in the workplace.

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Effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policies

As an employer, implementing a health and safety management system is essential to meet obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Effective policies and procedures are crucial for complying with health and safety legislation.

However, a workplace health and safety management system extend beyond mere documentation of forms and policies. It involves actively implementing and managing safety measures outlined in the documentation.

Effective workplace Health and Safety Policy design is crucial to ever business. 

A systematic approach proves more effective in safeguarding individuals and achieving safety objectives compared to relying solely on documented procedures because it:

  • Continuously evolves and improves
  • Facilitates informed decision-making
  • Integrates with other management systems
  • Enhances existing health and safety practices
  • Utilises feedback from stakeholders to enhance safety outcomes
  • Strengthens organizational culture and demonstrates due diligence

Extensive evidence supports that engaging in meaningful work promotes both mental and physical health and well-being. Ensuring effective work health and safety practices can yield numerous benefits for individuals and organisations. Some of these benefits including:

  • higher performance
  • increased job satisfaction
  • greater, more effective and efficient productivity outcomes
  • improved wellbeing and health for individuals in the workplace
  • greater work participation and increased social inclusion for all
  • increased individual, team and overall organisational resilience
  • fewer workplace absenteeism
  • fewer workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims
  • significantly lower workers’ compensation premiums
  • faster return to work

The quality of our work environment directly impacts our well-being. The way work is structured can significantly influence our motivation, engagement, and stress levels. There are 10 principles of effective good work design that can be utilised to enhance both work health and safety outcomes and business productivity, they are;

  • layout
  • systems
  • facilities
  • products
  • hardware
  • equipment
  • configuration
  • work processes

It’s important to understand risk and recognise workplace hazards so you can prevent harm and injury in the workplace.

  • Regular Workplace Inspections help prevent work related injury and illness. This is important is an important part of an effective health and safety management system.
  • Physical Hazards which are conditions or factors that arise within the work environment during the course of work which may harm the health of workers or those around the workplace.
  • Chemical Hazards which in pressure cleaning are mostly liquid based with some powdered based additives used in the activation of some chemical ingredients.   
  • Biological Hazards are organic substances that can pose significant health risks, this includes but is not limited to: mould, mildew, algae, faecal matter, Avarian droppings, bloody etc.  
  • Seasonal Hazards include a broad range of health and safety issues including but not limited to sunburn, working at heights in high wind, working of slippery roofs when raining. These can be serious risks that need careful and considered control.
  • Equipment and Tool Safety, simply by its very nature pressure washing and high pressure cleaning exposes operators, staff and anyone in the vicinity of the work area at danger of physical injury. Measure must be taking including the correct use of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), physical barriers, appropriate signage to name a few used to reduce the risk of harm to workers or those In and around the workplace.
  • Prevention Strategies provide an effective pathway to the prevention of harm and enable a culture of health, safety, compliance and reporting.
  • Health Monitoring is required regularly, ongoing exposure to hazardous substances whether chemical, biological, environmental, or seasonal may have a compounding effect on workers over a period of time.

By proactively fulfilling these obligations, we ensure compliance with legal requirements while fostering a workplace environment that prioritises safety and health for all individuals interacting with our operations regardless of their capacity.

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For over a decade, we have accumulated valuable knowledge, skills, and experience through our extensive work history. Our services are enhanced by a wealth of knowledge and the years of experience we’ve accumulated. As professionals, we meticulously assess the areas requiring cleaning before commencing work. This initial assessment helps us determine the safest and most effective approach for the upcoming pressure cleaning task.

At Cleanpass Services, we specialise in delivering high-quality pressure cleaning and asset restoration services across a wide range of sectors. From residential to commercial, mixed strata schemes to institutional, and civil to industrial segments, our comprehensive knowledge ensures exceptional results.

We are committed to continuously enhancing operational efficiencies across all aspects of our business. This dedication not only provides immediate benefits to our clients but also ensures long-term outcomes for our clients. Our focus on improving environmental sustainability further reinforces our mission to establish new benchmarks in service excellence.


Our commitment extends well beyond simply achieving exceptional outcomes.

Integral to delivering our wide range of pressure cleaning services is our commitment to meticulous planning and rigorous adherence to Local Government Regulations, Industry Standards, Work Health and Safety, and Environmental Stewardship.

We are also committed to continued investment in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, training and development of our team, and a proactive approach to anticipating and overcoming challenges before they arise.

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Thorough planning forms the cornerstone of effective Pressure Cleaning and Asset Restoration, irrespective of job, task or project scale.

Key considerations include vigilant management of site personnel, selection of appropriate equipment, rigorous training and specialised expertise, efficient cost and time management, rigorous quality assurance, diligent contract oversight where applicable, and unwavering adherence to site-specific requirements to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Services such as soft washing, high pressure cleaning, and hot water pressure cleaning are the most cost-effective options to remove all types of contamination both natural and manmade, stubborn set-in and difficult-to-remove contaminants that contribute to the accelerated deterioration of weathered surfaces.

Contaminants are unknowingly left unchecked for long periods of time. The exposure of these contaminants on the exterior of buildings, structures, and surfaces often leads to diminished structural integrity which in some cases results in costly repairs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars that could have otherwise been completely avoided.


Below we’ve listed some important aspects to consider when selecting a professional pressure cleaning service.

How does Cleanpass charge for the pressure cleaning services compared to their competitors?

Cleanpass Services Pressure Cleaning will always provide a fixed price quote. We don’t charge by the square meter nor by the hour. Our fixed pricing gives you a guarantee that no matter what happens, or how long the job takes the quoted price is all you’ll pay.

Be wary of hourly billing, it gives service providers an incentive to work less efficiently as they are paid for their time rather than the outcome. Also, be cautious of pressure cleaning companies who habitually promote low prices as they tend to provide an inferior service. It is a classic case of getting what you’ve paid for.

What is included in the Cleanpass fixed price?

Our fixed price includes the cost of fuel to operate both the pressure cleaner and boiler. It also includes the cost of chemicals (if required), the cost of time and labour, and travel to and from your premise. It also includes all the necessary materials and supplies required to complete the job.

Many pressure cleaning companies will charge extra for detergents or chemicals, for working overs (taking longer than expected), and for travel time to and from your premises.

Always be sure to clarify what is, and is not included in the price before making your final decision to avoid being charged more than what you were expecting.

Failure to do your research could cost you more than you know!

Ask as many questions of service provider in order to get as much assurance as you can to protect yourself and your property. If there is any sign of annoyance from them as a result it’s a sign to look elsewhere.

Always check for validation of certifications and qualifications, ask for proof of workers insurance and liability insurance also. Failure to do so may result in disastrous outcomes and financial losses to you the property owner. As the property owner you are responsible for the welfare of anyone who enters onto your property.

Ask to see before and after photos of work completed by them. If they’re proud of their work they should be more than happy to show you what they’ve done. Check their Google Reviews and Social Media Activity & Reviews also.

Ask if they have a website. A business owner who has an up-to-date website is a good indication of that owner investing in their business. Many overnight start-ups will only have a Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram accounts and no website. This usually indicates there is very little investment in their business.

Hopefully, after going through these steps outlined above you should get a feel as to whether or not they are the right fit for you.

What else is included in your pressure cleaning services?

This is really important, pressure cleaning is a messy business simply by its nature.

The plan is to clean-up the mess, not leave a great big mess behind!

Case in point, pressure cleaning is so effective at cleaning exterior surfaces and shifting organic and inorganic contaminates such as dirt, debris and heavy metal pollutants you have to wonder what happens to it all, right? Well, there are various ways to deal with the run-off from pressure cleaning. The single best and most effective way to deal with run-off is through the use of a vacuum recovery system which we use.

The use of bunting is also a very effective methods that’s often used to ensure run-off is contained, and the dirt and debris can be collected and safely disposed of. This prevents run off from collecting on lawns, in gardens beds, and from ending up in stormwater. Suffice to say leaving your property spotless safe and clean is the goal.

It’s important you clarify this aspect of the work otherwise you may be left dealing with the clean-up after the work is completed. Cleanpass has had many instances where we’ve been called to clean up a mess left behind by another pressure cleaner. It should never happen, but it does…

Cleanpass Services provide an extensive range of pressure washing and pressure cleaning services across the entire Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle Hunter Region.

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