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Everything You Need to Know About House Washing

From the annual spring clean to the everyday tidy up, keeping the home neat and fresh is a regular chore.

Yet take a few steps outside, and the house exterior can often be left off the to-do list. This part of the property can almost feel too large, too difficult to clean leaving you overwhelmed.

However, you don’t have to leave house washing off your to-do list, as soft washing provides a safe and reliable option for exterior cleaning.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is one of the best ways to achieve a perfectly clean exterior.

This method uses low-pressure water to remove dirt, mould, mildew, and other unwelcome materials from your property. It essentially removes all of these particles off the exterior surfaces of your home, leaving behind bright clean surfaces.

Soft washing often incorporates a commercial grade sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a cleaning solution typically mixed with water at a ratio of between 1:10-1:20. This solution safely neutralise organic materials such as mould, algae and mildew. Low-pressure water is used to wash away the treated contaminants safely without damaging the building’s exterior after the solutions have been applied and allowed to dwell in order to kill and break down the contaminants.

The effects of soft washing will usually last one to three years, depending on a variety of factors such as vegetation around the home, climate, natural sunlight and moisture.

The Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home Exterior

At Cleanpass Services, we highly recommend soft washing for homes and businesses as the benefits are immediate and tangible.

Primarily, soft washing is an extremely safe and gentle system designed to removal external contaminants from all types of building materials safely and effectively.

Often an environmentally friendly 100% bio-degradable scented foaming detergent or surfactant agent (soap) may be applied if required to cut through heavy deposits of dirt or debris.

Of course, house washing in general also offers its own benefits. The improvement in aesthetics will restore your pride, but it can also help improve your selling price if you’re listing your property for sale thanks to improved kerb appeal.

Finally, removing organic materials from your home can actually protect your property. Mould and mildew produce acids that can degrade some materials such as concrete, scarring its appearance permanently. With the occasional soft wash, you can keep your property both clean and safe.

Types of Home Materials Ideal for Soft Washing

The beauty of soft washing is that it is safe and effective for a wide variety of materials. This includes:

  • Wooden panels, fences, decks etc
  • Compressed fibre concrete
  • Windows and screens
  • Colorbond cladding
  • Bricks
  • Tiles

If you’re unsure if your house exterior is suitable for soft washing, give us a call or drop us an email we’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote.

How Soft Washing Compares With Other Methods

Soft washing is most often compared with pressure washing, which uses high-pressure water sprays to remove dirt and other organic matter.

The key difference is the water pressure, and this is important as some surfaces (such as various brick, wood and roofing materials) may be damaged by high-pressure washing. This is especially true for any kind of material that uses adhesives to stay in place or stay together.

If the grime and dirt is particularly bad on your home exterior, but the surface material is not hard-wearing enough for high-pressure washing, soft washing is the safest option.

When it comes to comparing soft washing with manual methods, there is very little comparison. Not only is soft washing more effective than hand washing, it is also significantly faster and easier. Plus, soft washing can access hard-to-reach places with ease, and save you from climbing up and down ladders.

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Soft Washing Your Home

As a country, we love to do tasks ourselves. However, soft washing is a great example of a task best left to the professionals.

Before we start any job, we will always assess the situation to first determine if soft washing is the best solution for your needs. Your property might be better off with a high-pressure wash, a steam pressure cleaning, or a combination of the three. An expert is best equipped to advise on which solutions are best for the safety of your home.

Furthermore, we have all the appropriate skills and tools for the job. Should your soft washing task require additional cleaning products to remove organic matter, our 100% biodegradable detergent is the perfect solution.

These tools also include safety gear that keeps us safe as we work, which is essential for any tasks that require rooftop access. For DIY washers at home, we know safety isn’t always as much of a priority as it is for us, which is a key reason why hiring a professional is so important.

Finally, Cleanpass Services is fully insured and we hold local council approved Water Exemption Permits, and all the relevant Work, Health and Safety permits. This is all part of our commitment to providing a 100% Performance Guarantee to all our clients.

Book Cleanpass Services For Professional House Washing in The Central Coast

Cleanpass Services is a reliable, efficient and friendly soft washing provider in The Central Coast. We were even voted number one for pressure cleaning on the Central Coast in the 2022 APAC Business Awards.

Our level of knowledge and experience is second-to-none, and we will put it to good use cleaning your home without damaging your property. Of course, we will also leave those exteriors spotlessly clean, and use products to ensure they stay that way for as long as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a small soft wash for your front fence or a full house washing makeover, contact us to chat through your needs and find out more about our services.