Mobile Foaming Decontamination Washdown

touchpoint cleaning

Ideal for...

Medium and larger scale decontamination wash-down of communal or public toilet areas, locker rooms and shower blocks, business or home exteriors, plant machinery, ship cartage decontamination, telecommunications tower wash-down, and toll ways.

Mobile foaming decontamination wash-down explained.

Foaming disinfectant or cleansers are passed through a pressure cleaning system via a hose, lance and trigger style gun to create a thick foam which is directed onto the area to be cleaned.

These foams are left to rest on the surface area for a short period of time before being removed with water alone which is done under pressure. This is an ideal way to give medium and large areas a very efficient wash-down in a very short amount of time.

Scented cleanser often used in order to remove pre-existing odours and smells.